Why Regenexx Is Very Different: Hip Labrum Stem Cell Procedure

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Every time we have someone visit our Colorado office or one of our network affiliates, they leave dumbfounded about how different Regenexx is from everything else out there. A physician we recently trained commented that when I compare Regenexx to the bedside centrifuges that other doctors use, I often say that what they have is a 10-speed bike compared to the Ferrari we use. His comment, after using a bedside system for years, was that what we use is a spaceship compared to that 10-speed bike. So the above video series will give you some sense of those differences in a hip labrum stem cell procedure.

What Is the Hip Labrum and Why Is Surgery Usually Not a Good First Choice?

The labrum is the lip around the socket that the ball of the femur fits into to form the hip joint. It helps stabilize the joint, and it can be traumatically torn, or more commonly, it develops tears over time due to aging. Surgeons have been aggressively operating on this structure for the last decade or so. However, there are some problems and side effects with hip labrum surgery:

The Regenexx Hip Labrum Stem Cell Procedure 

If you have hip pain that’s due to a labrum tear and you want to try stem cell treatment, here are the types of clinics you’ll encounter:

  • The magic-IV-stem-cell clinic. This is usually a fat-based stem cell clinic that will hang an intravenous (IV) drip of stem cells and tell you that these cells will find their way to your hip labrum. The problem here is that 97% of these IV stem cells will end up in your lungs, and since the hallmark of nonhealing labral tissue is that it has a poor blood supply, it’s very unlikely that many, if any, of the remaining 3% of cells will end up in your hip labrum.
  • The little-bedside-centrifuge-that-could clinic. This clinic’s physician uses a one-size-fits-all bedside centrifuge to process bone marrow cells. The 10-speed bike discussed above—enough said.
  • The blind-injection clinic. This doctor doesn’t use any imaging guidance. Instead, the doctor just sticks the needle somewhere in the vicinity of the hip labrum and calls it good. The likelihood that he or she could get any stem cells into your labrum? Slim and none, and Slim’s on vacation in Texas!

The Video Shows What Regenexx Is All About

Check out the video above. Note that we’re using two different imaging technologies in this hip labrum stem cell procedure. One is ultrasound, which you have to be an expert in to accurately inject the hip labrum. However, we’re confirming those findings on fluoroscopy with contrast to make sure that the stem cells get to the exact right spot. We’re also using multiple different types of platelet and stem cell injections based on the tissue we’re injecting—the labrum or the hip joint itself.

The upshot? What we do at Regenexx is advanced interventional orthopedics. Your orthopedic surgeon can’t do this using a tiny 25-gauge or 22-gauge needle under guidance; he or she has to rip apart tissue with a scope to get the cells where they need to go. If you want to see what that can do, check out these patients who were left with gaping holes in the tissue where the hip scope was placed. The guy down the street who does some simple ultrasound injections also can’t do this, as this is an advanced skill. Again, as the doctor we trained told us, the difference between the 10-speed bike and the spaceship!

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16 thoughts on “Why Regenexx Is Very Different: Hip Labrum Stem Cell Procedure

  1. Walter G Ferguson

    I need to know what Regenex can do for a torn meniscus and OA under the knee cap. I have had 2 sessions of 3 shots, 3 months apart of Euflexa, …little help, did PRP about a month before scoping the knee. PRP did not show much improvement. Scoping has helped reduce the pain but certain twisting movements still give pain. I don’t trust the knee. What can I expect from your process?

    1. Regenexx Team Post author

      Of course each individual situation is unique and to see if you’d be a good Candidate for a Regenexx procedure, please fill out the Candidate form. Generally speaking, a torn meniscus is an easy issue: https://regenexx.com/meniscus-tears/ Patellofemoral Arthritis often has it’s origin in the low back, so that connection would need to be explored. These two articles explain that concept: https://regenexx.com/blog/patellofemoral-pain-syndrome-infographic/ https://regenexx.com/blog/patellofemoral-arthritis-knee-cap-or-syndrome/ Having said that, arthroscopic surgery in of itself often causes both instability and arthritis so it would need to be determined which came first, the chicken or the egg. These two videos are about the same Patellofemoral patient at different points in recovery: https://regenexx.com/blog/patellofemoral-syndrome-surgery-recovery/ https://regenexx.com/blog/second-chance-with-regenexx-knee-stem-cell-injections/

  2. Herman Woods

    Would like to set up appointment to discuss treatment for stem cell injection to left hip labrum and for Dr.Bashir to perform procedure. Ingesting mince garlic to assist blood vessel dilation to increase blood flow. Painful yet slow healing. Urgent reply requested. Cell: 5044512989

    1. Regenexx Team Post author


      I have passed your contact information along to that department, and you will be hearing from them at the start of the week to discuss.

  3. Linda Britton

    I live in Colorado Springs, and have a bone on bone hip. I saw my surgeon and he is hesitant to do another hip (have done a hip and a knee) and had radioactive thyroid removal with in the last 5 yrs. He sent me to the pool. Would you recommend this procedure? I have recent xrays at the doctor’s office. What does it cost? What’s it’s success rate. Linda Britton

    1. Regenexx Team Post author

      While with a knee it would not be a factor, with true bone on bone hip arthritis it would be unlikely to be a candidate for the same day stem cell procedure and more likely for the Cultured procedure to be needed. However as each case is unique, to be evaluated for either please submit the Candidate form here: https://regenexx.com/the-regenexx-procedures/hip-surgery/ In the Candidacy process you and one of our Doctors will have an opportunity to go over your medical history including your thyroid issue and go over an MRI of your hip (which we would need), and discuss what procedure would be appropriate once all the facts are in. It’s encouraging that your doctor is hesitant to put you through another hip replacement as that gives you the option to try less invasive options!

  4. susan blumenthal

    Where can I find the published papers on the Regenexx studies.
    I would like to read the papers before I have my consultation.
    Thank you.
    Susan Blumenthal

    1. Regenexx Team Post author


      Please find: https://regenexx.com/stem-cell-research/#research

  5. Desia Ritson

    I am bone to bone on my knees is this good for me my understanding my need it too far gone I do not want surgery anyway we can save at least my right knee which! Help

    1. Regenexx Team Post author

      Each situation is evaluated individually in the Candidacy process. However for knees, the degree of arthritis does not seem to be a factor in the outcome of our Regenexx SD stem cell procedures. Please see: https://regenexx.com/blog/regenexx-research-review/ You’ll find the Candidate Form and more information here: https://regenexx.com/the-regenexx-procedures/knee-surgery-alternative/

  6. kim

    I have seen that for people over 55 the stem cells do not work so well on hip arthritis. What about on a hip labrum?

    1. Regenexx Team Post author

      That would depend if the issue is just a hip labrum issue. A torn labrum often leads to hip instability, and instability to arthritis because of the extra wear and tear on the joint. A Labral tear and mild-moderate arthritis would not be an issue. A Labral tear with severe arthritis would be.

  7. Nathan Sawvell

    This would be for my 15 yr old son. He has been diagnosed with a left hip labrum tear. I do not have an answer as to how big or small the tear is. He is dealing with pain which is why we had an MRI done. I have been looking at Regenexx and trying to determine. If this would help his body 100% heal opposed to having a surgery. Any info on this would be greatly appreciated. We live in eastern Iowa. Thank you

    1. Regenexx Team Post author

      Hip Labrum surgery is rarely a good idea, and especially in a 15 year old. Please see: https://regenexx.com/blog/helping-a-college-athlete-avoid-hip-labrum-surgery/ This patient was actually treated in Iowa by Dr. Jackson. Please see: https://regenexxdesmoines.com/?utm_source=regenexxreferral&utm_medium=webreferral&utm_campaign=regenexxlocations and https://regenexx.com/blog/hip-labrum-stem-cell-procedure/ and https://regenexx.com/blog/side-effects-of-hip-labrum-surgery/ and https://regenexx.com/blog/hip-labrum-surgery-complications/ If you would like to see if your son would be a Candidate, please submit the “Are You a Candidate” form, or let us know and we can help with the process.

  8. R.

    Hello, my sister-in-law has a torn hip labrum. Doctors have told her that there is no good research that stem cells will work in healing her hip. What has been your success rate for healing? -a former regenexx acl patient with a happy knee :-)

    1. Regenexx Team

      Hi R.
      One of the biggest issues with Hip Labrum tears on MRI is whether the tear is the real source of the pain: https://regenexx.com/blog/hip-tear-surgery-didnt-work/ and https://regenexx.com/blog/hip-labral-tear-recovery-without-surgery/ All sugery is damage to accomplish a goal, but the damage is more in some than others: https://regenexx.com/blog/side-effects-of-hip-labrum-surgery/ We don’t have the registry results broken down for this procedure specifically, but for patients who are good Candidates, the results have been good. The most important thing would be to #1 determine that the Hip Labrum tear is what’s causing the pain and dysfunction, and if not, or not alone, what is. #2 Determine whether she is a good Candidate for the procedure. To do that we’d need more information. Please have her submit the Candidate form here: https://regenexx.com/conditions-treated/hip/hip-labrum/, or give us a call at 855 622 7838.

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