Regenexx-C Hip Treatment Failure

Regenexx-C hip treatment failure

As I have blogged before, hips are harder to treat with stem cells than knees. Since we’ve had a run of “rah rah” posts on positive outcomes, it’s time for a post to balance the picture with a Regenexx-C hip treatment failure outcome. VK was a 53 year old man with hip problems since childhood. By adulthood these problems quieted down and he was better until 2006 when he injured his hip during martial arts. At that point an x-ray showed moderate to severe hip arthritis. He was first seen in 8/09 with a recent MRI also showing a hip bursitis and a gluteal muscle tear. His pain was between low level 1-2/10 and moderate level 5-6/10. He was placed in the POOR-FAIR candidacy grade, but wanted to avoid a hip replacement and try the Regenexx-C procedure instead. In October of 2009 he underwent a single Regenex-C treatment into the hip. His result? He reported no improvement and eventually did get a hip replacement. The upshot? Hips generally don’t respond as well as knees or other joints and other authors have commented on why. While we’ve seen some great successes with hips, we’ve also seen our share of treatment failures like VK. Stem cells aren’t magic, but tools that can fail like any other tools.

NOTE:   The Regenexx-C procedure licensed by RegenexxCayman is not approved by the U.S. FDA for use in the United States.  RegenexxCayman is an independently owned and operated medical services provider operating exclusively in the Cayman Islands and is not part of or affiliated with the Centeno-Schultz Clinic or any U.S. Regenexx Network provider.

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