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How I Fixed My Heavy Legs

I had heavy legs. It felt a bit like slogging through mud. The spring in my step was gone, and while I would do OK once I got going a bit, no amount of working out or strengthening or stretching would help. Then I had my heavy legs fixed with a simple injection in my…
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Let’s Take a Look at a Facet Cyst Treatment

It’s amazing how a pea-sized facet cyst pressing on a nerve can cause a great deal of havoc. Those who have this problem know the symptoms can be disabling, and yet for some patients, it causes no symptoms at all. If it’s the former, surgery has likely been offered, but let’s explore facet cyst treatment…
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Our Latest Research Paper on Disc Stem Cell Injections

Way back when in 2005, I performed what I believe was the first disc stem cell injection on earth. While this procedure has since become more commonplace, when we did this back then, it was “out there.” Today we have published a case series using a novel technique that was developed through years of refinement. This…
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Lumbar Fusion Is Usually a Business Model, Not Effective Treatment

Surgical fusion hardware is one of the most successful medical business plans ever devised. You take a screw and rods made for a few dollars in China or India and sell them for thousands of dollars. As a result, we’ve gone from a world where implanting hardware in the spines of patients was rare, to…
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How to Avoid Discography Side Effects: Biologic Discography

Frankly, until we became the first in the world to inject stem cells into discs, discography never made much sense to me. I would tell patients, “I’m going to poke a hole in your disc to see if there’s a hole in your disc.” However, when we began to see that platelet rich plasma and…
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Should You Get a Disc Stem Cell Injection? It Depends…

If you read this blog, you know that we sometimes use stem cells to treat low-back discs, but only in select patients. Being the first clinic on earth to perform disc stem cell injections, we’ve learned that they are not a panacea and they don’t work in every type of disc disease. However, when you…
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Why Do I Have Pain with Yoga, and What Can I Do About It?

You may be one of the millions who swear by the physical and mental benefits of yoga, and maybe you’ve even enjoyed the bonus of pain relief from the practice. Yoga is a vast and ancient India-originated discipline with many styles and techniques, each featuring physical, spiritual, and meditative elements. However, I’ve noticed through the…
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RIP Radiofrequency Ablation Treatment for Low Back Pain

When Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) became popular in the late 90s, it seemed like a miracle for many patients with chronic neck pain. At the same time, while this therapy seemed to work reliably to provide pain relief in the neck, it was always hit or miss as a treatment for low back pain. Perhaps that’s…
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