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Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow) – Why There’s Absolutely No Need for Surgery

What is Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis)? Lateral epicondylitis is the medical term used for tennis elbow which is a painful condition caused by damage or tears in the tendon (common extensor tendon) that attaches the forearm muscle (extensor muscle) to the outside of the elbow bone. Patients suffering from a severe case of tennis elbow…read more

A Case Study Highlighting the Regenexx Flexible Lab Platform

In the world of regenerative medicine, the vast majority of providers out there are using one-size-fits-all kits and bedside machines to process orthobiologics (stem cells, platelet rich plasma, etc.). These kits are usually only designed to make one thing. So they are inflexible. The problem is that patients come in with all sorts of problems to…read more

Tennis Elbow Surgery vs. Alternative Treatment Options

I get asked all the time by patients, “Should I have surgery for tennis elbow?” So let’s delve into what tennis elbow is and whether surgery is a good idea or the dumbest mistake you’ll ever make. The good news is that in the second decade of the 21st century, you have a lot of options. What…read more

What Does Tommy John Surgery Research Show?

Yesterday I was working out on an elliptical and watching the TV in the health club. A feature called ESPN Sports Science was on about Tommy John surgery in major league pitchers and kids. One of the more disturbing things was that the commentators were arguing back and forth that an injured pro pitcher was…read more

A Golfers Elbow Injection in an NFL Player: Why Regenexx-SD is better than PRP

Can a golfers elbow injection save an elite athlete’s career? Does what’s injected matter? You’ve likely seen the news that many professional athletes have been turning to platelet rich plasma and stem cells to heal injuries more quickly and without the need for season ending surgery. We’ve treated many professional football players through the years…read more

More on UCL Tear Recovery: New Study Shows Partial Tears Helped by PRP

UCL tear recovery can be agonizing for an athlete-hopes and dreams dashed by an aggressive surgery and benched for at least a full season. The UCL is the duct tape type ligament that stabilizes the inside of the elbow. I blogged awhile back about how a sports writer complained that many baseball players were failing…read more

What is the Tommy John Surgery Recovery Timeline? Can Stem Cells Help?

Tommy John surgery is often used to repair tears in the ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) in pitchers. The problem is that the Tommy John surgery recovery timeline is substantial. Weeks to months spent in a splint and then months more of rehab and a whole season lost. Is there a better way? We’ve successfully treated…read more

Tommy John Surgery Alternatives: Why are So Many Baseball Players “Striking Out” when They try to Avoid Elbow Surgery with PRP?

Are there Tommy John Surgery alternatives available to professional baseball players? Well an interesting article this morning on the Sports Illustrated web-site suggests that one of the new mainstays thought to help players avoid Tommy John Surgery may be striking out. The gist is that pitchers and other players have turned to Platelet Rich Plasma…read more
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