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Helping a Severely Degenerated Knee with Stem Cells

Can a knee stem cell injection help a severely degenerated knee?  DS is a 50 year old woman who was first seen in April of 2011 for knee pain on both sides. In the early 90’s she had a torn ACL with a second tear in her meniscus and underwent surgery to treat both areas.…
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A Low Back Disc Emergency in a Physical Therapist

CW is a local physical therapist to whom I have referred many patients to over the years. About a month ago I got a call from him that he was unable to move, stand, or walk. He had had a prior low back surgery many years ago and had treated himself for smoldering, but had mostly mild back…
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Regenexx-C Knee Stem Cell Infographic

Knee Stem Cell Research PDF In keeping with the Regenexx-SD infographic I released yesterday, I thought I’d take our knee stem cell research data on Regenexx-C and create the same kind of document. As stated before, this is registry data, in this case it’s been published in the peer reviewed literature. Note that despite 50% more knee replacement candidates being…
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Regenexx-SD Knee Stem Cell Patient Outcome Infographic

As promised last week, here’s the final data on the Regenexx-SD knee stem cell procedure for arthritis. More data may be reported as we slice and dice the information, but we now have enough so that a simple one page infographic can be created for patients. As usual, we will be submitting this data for…
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An Update on Knee Stem Cell Injections for an Unstable Mensicus

Last month I blogged on a patient treated with stem cell injections to treat a knee coronary ligament injury which was causing an unstable meniscus. She had failed numerous surgeries. And while all patient’s knee stem cell injections experience will be different, here’s an update on her story: Hi Dr. Hanson,  For the past three…
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More Regenexx-SD Knee Stem Cell Data

A few days ago, I provided some Regenexx-SD knee arthritis stem cell data on 184 patients (134 males and 50 females). Here’s a different slice of knee stem cell data that same data set. The average current age of these patients is 52, average self-reported BMI is 25.5 (just slightly over weight). While the graph from a few…
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4 year Follow-up on a Patient with Severe Knee Arthritis Treated with Stem Cells

We’ve been treating knee arthritis with stem cells for a long time with different knee arthritis stem cell injections. When other clinics that have popped up in the last year or two didn’t know what the word stem cell meant, we were diligently treating patients with our Regenexx-C and Regenexx-SD stem cell procedures in a clinical trial. While we’ve published…
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Helping a Woman’s Knee Arthritis with Stem Cells

Can a knee stem cell treatment help knee arthritis in an older woman who also has back problems? LN is a 60 year old woman with a two year history of knee pain on the left and a 10 year history on the right.  Because of this moderate to severe pain she avoided stairs, water aerobics, and spinning and had…
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