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Flexor Hallucis Longus Tendon Pain: Is Surgery the Answer?

This is a story about Scott, a frustrated runner. One day in 2010 while out for a run, he suddenly heard a snap under his foot. He went from a normal, active life to trying years of different therapies without help. This is his story about how flexor hallucis longus tendon pain almost ruined his life. What Is…
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Gymnast Foot Problems: Could It Be Your Back?

At Regenexx, our focus is always treating the whole athlete. One of the unfortunate things that happens in our modern world of orthopedic hyper-specialists is that injured athletes are broken down into their parts that hurt. The knee guy sees someone with knee pain, the foot and ankle specialist sees someone with foot pain, and…
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Plantar Fasciitis Release Surgery is a Bad Idea

Have you ever had Plantar Fasciitis? It’s one of those truly painful things that every inflight airline catalogue has 5 different gadgets to fix. Well it turns out that any one of those gadgets would be better than Plantar Fasciitis Release Surgery, according to the results of a recent study. Plantar fasciitis is a problem involving the…
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Changing Your Walk May Help Your Knee Arthritis

Can changing your walk help knee arthritis? The foot bone is connected to the knee bone, however, the modern 90 second orthopedic exam for a knee problem almost never includes an examination of the foot. Despite this oversight, a new study shows that how your foot hits the ground can dramatically change the forces at the…
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Foot Arch Knee Pain? Research Links Your Foot Navicular Bone Position to Your Knee

Can you have foot arch knee pain? Yesterday I watched the inaugural Boulder Iron man Race. As the runners filed by, I couldn’t help but notice their gait. In some, according to a new study, not paying attention to a little bone in their feet may be frying the cartilage in their knees. First, as…
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Foot Fusion Complications and Wrist Surgery Side Effects: A Tale of Two Screws…

If you’re concerned about foot fusion complications or wrist surgery side effects…read on. This week I evaluated two patients who have been regrettably bitten by the big complications associated with big orthopedic surgery procedures. Both back to back patients had an issue with a screw placed to electively fuse an area in hopes of relieving pain…
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Bunion Surgery Alternatives: Top 5 Things to Keep Your Foot from Becoming a Pronating Mess

Looking for Bunion surgery alternatives? You should be after seeing how badly Bunion surgery can impact your foot and knee in my recent post! This is part 2 of that post with ideas to help you stay away from the surgeon’s knife: 1. Figure out the Cause-All too often, we get into a quick fix…
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Bunion Removal without Surgery? Part 1-Is Removing a Bunion with Surgery a Dumb Idea?

Bunion Removal without Surgery? A bunion forms to stabilize a foot that pronates all the time. Removing the bunion surgically destabilizes the foot and turns it into a pronating machine! Don’t turn your foot into a pronating mess! See video above for details…
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