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How to Avoid Surgery for Rotator Cuff Tears and Take Gold!

The MRI on the left above shows a complete rotator cuff tear that needs surgery. However, this martial-arts master knew that if he headed that direction, there was a significant chance that the shoulder he depended on to place opponents on the floor, as shown on the right, may never be the same. As a result, he…read more

Regenexx Knee Stem Cell Recovery: Paying It Forward…

Social Media is a great tool, as it allows us to hear from people in ways we would not otherwise. Six months ago we heard from Joseph through Facebook, inquiring about whether we sold Regenexx tee shirts. He had just had a procedure, and wanted to wear it as an opportunity to talk about his…read more

The Side Effects of Hip Labrum Surgery: Brian’s Story

Yesterday was my last day seeing my patients at the licensed, advanced stem-cell-culture site in Grand Cayman. It’s been a great week, capped off with a heartfelt thank you from a young medical student we have been able to help through the years. His thanks are really the quintessential reason every doctor is a doctor—to help…read more

Eileen’s Hip Hop Low Back Stem Cell Recovery

Eileen is an IFBB Professional Fitness Division Athlete who recently had to take 17 months off sports, which for someone like Eileen is tantamount to torture. This is the story of how advanced regenerative spine procedures including a low back stem cell treatment helped her get her groove back. Let me explain. Eileen’s Low Back…read more

New Treatment for Neck Pain: Platelet Lysate and Heidi’s Journey

At our annual Regenexx network provider conference in Denver this past week, a network physician who is more focused on interventional spine came up and thanked me for introducing him to a new treatment for neck pain – platelet lysate. This one change had revolutionized his practice as he found it much more effective than…read more

Helping a College Athlete Avoid Hip Labrum Surgery

Austin Groth is a 21 year old rising senior at Buena Vista University and collegiate track and field athlete who competes in the 100 and 400 Hurdles. He injured his hip in his sophomore year and the increasing pain was threatening his athletic career. He sought medical attention and was diagnosed with a hip labral tear, and surgery…read more

A Colorado Regenexx Patient Review: Pain Free!

We received this Colorado Regenexx Patient Review recently from a patient who wanted to share his experience at Regenexx Colorado. When he contacted Regenexx he was in excruciating pain, and his local physician’s treatment had made the situation worse rather than better… “So, recently I started to get a pain in my right arm, just below the shoulder.…read more

Regenexx Provider Dr. Movva: A Regenexx Patient Review

This Regenexx Patient Review turned up in my inbox this week amid the other 500 or so emails. We love hearing great news about our Regenexx Providers!  They are an incredibly select group of incredibly well trained doctors. This patient wanted to share his experience with our Regenexx Provider, Dr. Venkatesh Movva of The Pain and Sports Center…read more
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