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New ACL Tear Stem Cell Paper Published by Regenexx Team

If you read this blog, you know that one of the things that separates Regenexx from other providers is that we have published and continue to publish the world’s leading orthopedic stem cell research. That’s not easy, as it takes lots of resources, manpower, and time. This morning I’m happy to report yet another publication…read more

Regenexx Is Awarded Another U.S. Patent

What’s long separated Regenexx from many other clinics offering stem cells to treat orthopedic conditions is our research program. Our lab-based and clinical-research programs often have novel discoveries, and on some of these, we have filed patents in the U.S. and abroad. While it’s one thing to file a patent, it’s quite another these days to…read more

What Do Mesenchymal Stem Cells Look Like?

We recently invited you into our research lab to learn about colony-forming units (CFUs) and how we use these to roughly quantify mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) in a sample. Today we’re going to zoom in much closer on a segment of this process and show you MSCs from the incubation point to how they look…read more

My IOF 2017 Talk on Stem Cells, Knee Microenvironment, and Machine Learning

This is the talk I gave this week at the 2017 Interventional Orthopedics Foundation (IOF) Conference in Denver. Regrettably, the slides that made it into the computer were an old slide set with a few blanks. There’s nothing like being on the podium and seeing that the slides they have loaded are the wrong ones!…read more

How to Find Good Stem Cell Treatment: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

With the explosion in the number of doctors offering stem cell treatments, I’m sure you’ve wondered how to find a doctor that knows what they’re doing. This is a video of a talk I just gave at a stem cell conference in the Bahamas. In it I used five guidelines to define the good, the…read more

Is Your Doctor a Regen Med Expert or Novice? Ask How They Do BMA…

I’m down in the Bahamas lecturing, and as a result, I wanted to share what I’ve been teaching other physicians about stem cell harvesting techniques. My lecture this morning is specifically on how to maximize the number of stem cells that can be obtained from a BMA procedure. Below I’ll discuss questions that patients can…read more

Alar Ligament Treatment for CCJ Instability

Due to our high level of expertise in the field, for many years, our practice has collected a group of patients with upper cervical (CCJ) instability. This awful problem has been very difficult to treat, but the patients have been generally happy that any physician knows what’s wrong with them and is willing to do…read more

Dr. Centeno Lecturing at the AAOM Annual Meeting this Week

Dr. Centeno is lecturing on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at the American Association of Orthopedic Medicine in Clearwater, Florida. He is lecturing on PRP, stem cells, a novel alar/transverse ligament technique, and the registry data amassed over the last several years using the advanced 3rd generation platelet lysate produced by Regenexx physicians to treat sciatica…read more
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