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Our Annual Stem Cell Research in Orthopedics Update—2016 Edition

Every year for the last few, I’ve created an infographic summarizing stem cell research in orthopedics. Every year, the list gets bigger and the number of patient results represented grows. This year is no different! (Click here for a larger view) How Is This Created? I searched the US National Library of Medicine under several…
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Why Is Regenexx the Best That’s Out There?

How can Regenexx claim that it’s the most advanced and best-researched orthopedic stem cell therapy in the world? After all, if you cruise the Internet, you’ll find any number of clinics, all proclaiming that they’re the “best” or the “greatest” or “experts.” However, if you look “under the hood” of any of these web-sites and…
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What Makes the Regenexx Same Day Procedure Different?

We’ve been pioneering this field of stem cells used to treat orthopedic problems since 2005. In that time, we’ve made several advancements to keep us way ahead of the pack. One of those advancements is our unique way of processing bone marrow aspirate for our Regenexx Same Day Stem Cell Procedure. What is a bone marrow…
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How Do Stem Cells Heal?

How do stem cells heal? A picture is worth a thousand words, so take a look above. This is an experiment using the facilities of our advanced Regenexx research lab in Colorado. What’s fascinating is it gives an immediate sense of how stem cells do their job. The experiment is known as a “scratch test”.…
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Another New Patent Issues for Regenexx

We have been awarded several US patents of late on the Regenexx procedure. These things take forever to process, with most of these being filed many years ago. They continue to define the difference between Regenexx and everything else. Anti-inflammatory steroids are a two edged sword, on the one hand when used in the super-physiologic…
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A2M Knee Injections: What’s in Your Arthritic Knee?

Regenexx is unique in the world as when everyone else is just beginning to use stem cells to see if they may help, we’ve been refining the science behind this technology for a decade. One of the fascinating things we’ve been doing lately is taking synovial fluid samples from patients before and after our procedures and…
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New Regenexx Research Paper on Dosing Publishes

Dose is a key issue in medicine, yet for same day stem cell treatments nobody knows the correct dose nor has a way to measure it so that it can be adjusted to help patients. Huh? You read that right-the entire community of physicians who are using stem cells to treat patients is dose agnostic…
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Dr. Centeno Lecturing at Uniformed Services University Today

Dr. Centeno is lecturing to US Army physical medicine residents and fellows today on the Walter Reed campus at the Uniformed Services University (the military medical school) on the use of stem cells in orthopedic injuries. This is a two day course that will allow military physicians to learn how to use regenerative medicine to…
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