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Shoulder Labrum Surgery Alternative: One Year Follow-up of a Shoulder Labrum Tear Patient Injected with Stem Cells

About a year ago I blogged on a patient with a shoulder labrum tear who wanted to avoid surgery. She was a very active woman who enjoyed Pilates and didn’t want extensive downtime. I also highlighted how rather than sprinkling magic stem cell pixie dust somewhere in the vicinity of her shoulder, an exacting image…
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Rotator Cuff Surgery or Rotator Cuff Surgery Alternative…You Decide

Rotator cuff surgery or a Rotator Cuff Surgery Alternative?  These MRIs come from our San Diego area Regenexx Network provider, Health Link Medical Center. This is a 49 year old woman with a 4X5 cm rotator cuff tear who wanted a rotator cuff surgery alternative. The pre-image shows extensive swelling (the white stuff) and what appears…
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Shoulder Pain Surgery? Helping an Admiral’s Shoulder with Only an Injection of Stem Cells

Are stem cells an alternative to shoulder pain surgery? EB is a retired US Navy Admiral who was first seen by our clinic in January of 2009. His MRI showed multiple rotator cuff tears and military surgeons had told him he needed rotator cuff surgery for his shoulder pain. This was impacting his ability to…
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So How is that Shoulder Labrum Tear Stem Cell Patient Doing?

So how is that shoulder labrum tear stem cell patient doing?  A few months ago I blogged on a patient who decided to get her own stem cells injected precisely into the tear in her shoulder labrum rather than pursuing surgery. This is a big differentiator for the Regenexx network of physicians, as we only accept physicians who have…
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Knee Stem Cells and Skiing and Hiking the Highland Bowl in Aspen

Knee Stem Cells and Skiing and Hiking make a good combination.  We treat many patients who want to be as active as possible as they age without having to get their joints replaced or major surgery. DW is a 59 year old patient who is a huge propoent of “hot yoga” and frankly could pass for…
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A Frozen Shoulder Surgery Alternative Treatment: MUA plus Platelet Lysate

Is there a frozen shoulder surgery alternative treatment? A frozen shoulder (a.k.a. Adhesive Capsulitis) is a tough problem. Nobody knows for sure what causes it, yet it can turn a fully functional shoulder into one that can’t move at all in a matter of months. This was the case with a recent long standing patient of mine, who…
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Shoulder Cartilage Regeneration with Stem Cells in Philly

We’re proud of our Regenexx network providers, who have been trained to perform the Regenexx-SD procedures among others. Recently a patient with significant shoulder arthritis was seen by our network provider in Philadelphia. The patient was injected with his own stem cells into the large shoulder joint as well as into the shoulder capsule and…
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Update on Chondrolysis Patient and Stem cells

I blogged on KH about 2 months ago. He’s a 38 year old male with the great misfortune of having the cartilage in his shoulder joint dissolved by a pain pump during a labral repair surgery. The challenge was given the damage done, to put together a shoulder chondrolysis treatment to address the individual components…
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