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How to Avoid Surgery for Rotator Cuff Tears and Take Gold!

The MRI on the left above shows a complete rotator cuff tear that needs surgery. However, this martial-arts master knew that if he headed that direction, there was a significant chance that the shoulder he depended on to place opponents on the floor, as shown on the right, may never be the same. As a result, he…
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Helping a CrossFit Athlete Avoid Rotator Cuff Surgery

I love helping patients avoid rotator cuff surgery. Why? We don’t have good scientific evidence that sewing your torn rotator cuff back together surgically is effective. Why? It may be more about the number of stem cells or lack thereof rather than how well we stitch your tear. A case in point is Bill, a…
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Regenexx ProActive: Tony’s Amazing Push-the-Envelope Life!

When I first met Tony, he was amazing in every way. At age 60-plus, he told me he had injured his shoulder while working on the rings. On the what? Turns out that the gymnastic rings were merely just another challenge for Tony to conquer, mere baby steps compared to the physically demanding and dangerous stuff…
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A Shoulder Stem Cell Procedure 6 Year Follow-up

One of the benefits of being the first physician in the U.S. to use stem cell injections to help orthopedic patients is that every once in a while, an old patient will come back. While we track everyone in a registry, it’s not the same as a patient sitting in front of you telling you…
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Cut Your Shoulder Dislocation Surgery Recovery Time

One way to cut your shoulder dislocation surgery recovery time is to skip the surgery and opt for advanced interventional orthopedics instead. That’s what Penn State college lacrosse player Matt Florence did. Facing huge surgery with massive loss of playing time, he ditched the 1990s approach to his shoulder problems and opted for new technology from…
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Supraspinatus Tears & Stem Cells – Clinical Trial Returns Jiu Jitsu Competitor to the Podium

This is a guest post from Regenexx® Dr. Jamil Bashir from the Centeno Schultz Clinic in Broomfield, Colorado Creating a new field of Medicine is no easy task.  Change always encounters resistance and transforming thought cannot occur without evidence, reproducible evidence.  In Medicine, clinical trials are the standard used to produce such evidence. With the…
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“All I Want to Do is Dance!”

Enjoy the latest Regenexx video by documentary filmmaker Doug Orchard as he follows Don and Marie’s quest to keep dancing their way through an active life!

Can a Precise Stem Cell Injection Work Where Surgery Fears to Tread?

A patient recently came to us with a very serious problem. She had not only a shoulder bone (humerus) fracture, but also osteonecrosis. Her orthopedic surgeons had told her that trying to get this to heal would be like trying to bolt tissue paper to tissue paper and consequently there was no surgical solution. As…
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