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NSAIDs Increase Heart Attack Risk in Just 1 Week!

My views on nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are no secret; I’ve covered many studies over the years showing just how dangerous these commonly used anti-inflammatories really are. Patients pop over-the-counter and prescription NSAIDs for everything from a simple headache to post-workout muscle aches to arthritis to traumatic injuries and more. They are as common to…
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Disc Replacement Side Effects: New Research Is Concerning

The whole idea behind disc replacement is that it should have fewer side effects than fusing the spine. The artificial disc allows motion, which is, in theory, similar to a normal biologic disc. However, what if an artificial disc ended up distorting normal motion so badly that it still caused the disc above and below…
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Cervical Disc Replacement Complications: Metal Ions

We ended the 20th century with the idea that we could cut out parts of a person, like a joint or a disc, and insert metal and achieve great things. Then reality got in the way, in that studies began to show that these metal or plastic or ceramic parts wear down and those particles…
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Does Smoking Damage Stem Cells?

Patients often ask questions about how best to optimize their stem cells. I guess another question is what not to do if you’re planning a stem cell procedure. A recent research study suggests that smoking is not a good idea and likely damages your stem cells. Smoking Affects Multiple Body Systems Not smoking cigarettes is…
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600% Increase in Knee Replacements by 2030?

A study posted by another physician popped up on Twitter the other night projecting that there will be a 600% increase in the number of total knee replacements performed by the year 2030!  I don’t agree, as this doesn’t take into account the quiet revolution occurring behind the scenes in the use of orthobiologics that…
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1 in 5 Become Addicted with Just a 10-Day Opioid Script

Any medical provider who performs procedures writes a narcotic script for postoperative pain. I routinely write these scripts. However, now a new study suggests that this may not be a smart idea as one in five patients can get addicted to narcotics! What Is an Opioid? Opioids are narcotics that help relieve pain. These drugs are quite…
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Can Taking Motrin Stop Your Heart?

I’ve been blogging on the risks of NSAIDs for years. It’s amazing that every patient I tell about the cardiac risks of these drugs seems to be completely surprised, like telling someone a spaceship just parked itself above the city. Now a new study shows a new but related risk. Motrin and similar drugs significantly…
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Propecia—Sex Drive and Stem Cells

I’ll never forget the first time I met Propecia the drug. We were culture expanding the stem cells for an otherwise very active and healthy middle-aged guy, and his cells failed to grow well. In fact, we could barely limp them along. Eventually, it turned out to be due to the drug Propecia, which was turning…
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