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A Guide to Injuries for Female Athletes

We see a lot of pain and injuries in female athletes, from triathlon and CrossFit competitors to volleyball and soccer stars and everything in between. The pain and injuries we tend to see most in our female athletes involve the knees, back, ankles, and feet. We’ve covered many studies over the years that show higher…
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Watch an Advanced Image-Guided Injection of the Shoulder: Step into Our Procedure Suite with Dr. Schultz

This weekend we had an Interventional Orthopedics Foundation  (IOF) course at our Colorado headquarters. What I kept hearing from the physicians attending the course was how much more in depth this course was than any other course they had ever taken. Today I’d like to invite you to join Dr. Schultz as he performs an…
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Spondylolysis Recovery Time: Avoiding the Knife

Spondylolysis is common in disturbingly young athletes who are born with weakened or disconnected areas of their spine. Sometimes this break in the spine bone heals, and sometimes it doesn’t. When the spot doesn’t mend, the patient usually undergoes a big surgery that can cause serious problems. So if your spondylolysis recovery time is taking too…
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ACL Tear Surgery or Not: New Study Show More Reasons to Avoid Surgery

ACL tear surgery or not? Most people believe that getting their ACL reconstructed after a torn ligament is like having a worn-out part replaced in their car. Nothing could be further from the truth. Now, a new study shows yet another reason why an ACL surgically “repaired” knee is not like the original equipment. The Problems…
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Rotator Cuff Surgery Results: Only 1/2 of Athletes Return to Play!

Throwing and other athletes tear their rotator cuff all the time, and you would expect that modern orthopedic surgery would have a great answer for these highly active patients. However, a recent study shows rather poor rotator cuff surgery results with professional and competitive athletes. In fact, less than half returned to the same level…
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ACL Tears and NFL ACL Surgery-Players See Shortened Careers

The average active American has been taught to believe that if they injure their ACL, they can get a “new one” installed and get back to sports at a high level. While research continues to show this isn’t true, many would point to NFL players as a case in point. Their favorite athletes chose to have…
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Motrin and Exercise Can Create Problems

We’ve known for some time that despite many orthopedic and primary-care guidelines including NSAID drugs, like Motrin, that these drugs can blunt healing and have serious side effects. Recently, I was searching the US National Library of Medicine and a new study caught my eye about Motrin and the rotator cuff tendons. That caused me…
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Crossfitter’s Regenexx Knee Arthritis Treatment Still Going Strong!

170kg Backsquat (~2.1x BW) this morning @gwperformance in my @crossfitmobilus tee, its been awhile since I've squatted this heavy so was very happy to hit this weight, dropped down to 85% (145kg) for max reps and managed to hit #8 @virusaustralia @luronglivingau @regenexx A video posted by Michael Wong (@mikewwong) on Jul 11, 2016 at…
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