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Helping a Firefighter Keep Kicking!

Many of our patients have a similar story. They’re active people, often pursuing a dream that requires them to be active, and then one or more injuries catch up with them and their dream is placed on hold. They do their research and soon learn that traditional orthopedic surgical procedures aren’t the answer, so they…
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Thankful for Our Regenexx Patients…

This has been a great clinic week in Grand Cayman. I’m so thankful that we have such wonderful patients who trust us to help them. I’ve also loved some of the patient stories this week. Here are some of my favorites. I blogged earlier on JG, a businessman whose ankle we treated awhile back with…
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Back Fusion Alternatives? Can You Avoid Surgery Without a Disc Injection?

We arguably have more experience with injecting stem cells into the discs of patients than anyone else on earth, having performed our first case in 2005. While placing stem cells in discs can be helpful in certain circumstances, can we provide back fusion alternatives without poking a hole in the disc? This is an example…
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Spinal Stenosis Surgery Alternatives – Helping a Diver Return to Saving Our Coral Reefs

What if you had a dream of something that you could do when the kids were grown and you were more financially secure, but by the time you get there, your body wouldn’t cooperate? In a nutshell, this is Kathie’s story; she dreamed of having the time to volunteer to plant coral and save the…
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What Climbing Back Pain? A Story of Heroism and Courage in Nepal

Chris Warner is an inspirational speaker and expert mountain climber who can tell us a thing or two about climbing back pain and how he never lets it slow him down. Chris was recently seen by our Colorado clinic before a big Nepal trek. Suffice it to say that his e-mail about the results of…
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Sciatica Epidural Recovery? When Epidurals Fail

Low back pain due to a pinched nerve (sciatica) is a common problem that used to require surgery most of the time. A big medical advance of the 1980s was the use of epidural steroid injections to reduce pain and decrease the chance that a surgery would be needed. However, is there hope when low…
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Severe Buttock Pain after A Fall: A Story of Two Physicians

RP is an elderly physician who I met in the most unlikely of circumstances. He was performing a life insurance physical on me and I noticed he had a cane. We struck up a conversation about his severe buttock pain after a fall. The next thing you know I had him on my exam table…
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Regenexx Reviews-A Grateful Patient Reports Her Experience on Facebook

Regenexx Reviews…From Real Patients In keeping with my goal of posting more individual patient reports, or, “Regenexx Reviews”  to balance out the hard core data I’ve been posting from the registry, here’s another Facebook post.  This one is about the excellent care delivered by Dr. Newton here at our Colorado clinic and the patient’s update on the  early outcome…
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