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Blasting the Coronavirus with UVC: Part 2

The coronavirus (SARS-Cov-2) can be killed by a type of light called UVC. As a result, everyone from municipalities to hospitals have lined up to buy big units to blast the virus. Two weeks ago, in part 1 of this series, I showed how our clinic had created two different DIY UVC virus blasters. This…
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Can a $99 UVC Wand From Amazon Provide COVID-Free Travel?

As many readers know, we have been using UVC light to provide an extra coronavirus sterilization step for exam rooms and to add yet another layer of protection for our patients. One of my patients recently bought a $99 UVC wand off Amazon and asked during a Facebook Live if it would work to sterilize…
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Using Birth Tissues to Treat COVID-19? Injecting a Cytokine Storm

Many providers who use orthobiologics have used various birth tissues to try to help patients heal orthopedic injuries. However, many have also discovered that they’re a two-edged sword. On the one hand, they can enhance healing but on the other, they can also stoke serious inflammation. Now some providers are advocating their use to treat…
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Sterilizing Exam Rooms with DIY UVC Light: Part 1

[For part 2 of this blog which details testing and validation, see ] Necessity is the mother of invention. All physicians and hospitals are faced with challenges during this pandemic and one of those is making sure that the exam rooms we use are sterilized between patients. Hence this morning I’d like to go…
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Purchasing COVID-19 Serology Test Kits: A Guide for Physicians (and Patients)

I have spent the last month diving into COVID-19 testing. Mostly from the standpoint of how to protect our employees. However, communicating with my colleagues, I have seen that many are confused by sales reps hawking these tests. In addition, patients are even more confused. Hence, what I’ve found is critical for both physicians and…
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Making Our 3D Printed N-99 Mask

Much to our surprise (and that of our local 3D printing company), we got an immense amount of interest from patients and medical providers about our 3D printed N-99 mask. So much so, that I needed to put together a video about how to assemble it once it arrives. Hence, the video below and this…
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Creating N-99 Masks for All Employees in the Middle of a PPE Shortage

At Regenexx, we innovate, that’s what we do. However, these past two months we’ve had a problem. How can we keep our patients and employees safe? After all, physician offices are essential in the crisis and should be open. Hence, as an example of how we innovate, this is the story of how we made…
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Can A Microwave Kill The Coronavirus?

The microwave in your kitchen heats and cooks food by using electromagnetic radiation in the microwave frequency range. This energy causes the water molecules (which have hydrogen and oxygen) in the food to rotate and twist and produce heat. See the visual below: Viruses contain plenty of hydroxyl groups, also hydrogen and oxygen, so the…
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