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Buttock Pain After Hip Replacement? It Could Be Your Tendons

On this page: Why gluteal tendinopathy is a pain in the butt Hip replacement with gluteal tendinopathy How to avoid butt pain after hip replacement How to treat pain after hip replacement Other causes of pain after hip replacement What we know about hip replacement If you’re planning a hip replacement or have already had…
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Regenexx Procedure Failure: Hip Arthritis

We have always prided ourselves in being transparent about our results. Through the years, while we’ve featured patients who have done well using our procedures, we have also featured patients where the procedure didn’t work. This morning I’d like to highlight a recent patient with severe hip arthritis whose case was a Regenexx procedure failure, but first…
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How Successful Is Hip Labral Tear Surgery Really?

On this page: What is the hip labrum? What is a hip labrum tear? What is FAI? Can physical therapy help FAI? Can a hip labral tear heal itself? Will a cortisone shot help a torn hip labrum? What’s the hip labral tear surgery success rate? What is the hip labral tear surgery success rate?…
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Hip Replacement or Back Fusion First? Timing Matters When Considering Risks

One of the clinical scenarios where bone marrow concentrate doesn’t work well is severe hip arthritis. In these cases, we often tell patients to get a hip replacement. However, it’s critical to understand that the body is connected, so for example, getting a back fusion may impact your hip replacement. Before I share the newest…
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Hip Replacement Results: How Do Real Patients Fare vs Those on Commercials?

We’ve all seen the hip replacement ads. Active happy people on TV or plastered across billboards who are so happy they had that hip replacement because it allowed them to get back to the life they had before hip arthritis. A new study, however, didn’t confirm that these ads are the reality for the average…
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If You Have a Hip Labrum Tear, You May Also Have a Shoulder Labrum Tear?

Labral tears are always something that freak patients out. Why? Just the concept of something torn in your hip or shoulder is disconcerting. However, now a new study shows that if you have a tear in your hip labrum, you’re more likely to have one in your shoulder. Let’s dig in. Understanding Labrum Tears and…
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Only About Half of Hip Arthroscopy Patients Report Long-Term Satisfaction

In addition to many studies showing hip arthroscopy for hip impingement and hip labrum tears aren't a good idea, now it seems almost half of patients who pull the trigger on this surgery aren't satisfied with the results long term...

Hip Labral Tear Recovery Without Surgery: The Bright Shiny Object Syndrome

Orthopedic surgery suffers from what I call the “bright shiny object” syndrome. What is this? It’s the cause of countless unneeded and invasive surgeries and treatments that cause more damage than good. This morning I’d like to introduce you to a patient from Canada who traveled to Colorado seeking hip labral tear recovery without surgery. She’s also featured…
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