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Is Injecting the Bone in Knee Arthritis the New Standard?

If you read this blog, you know that there are VAST differences in knowledge and training between providers offering knee “stem cell” treatments. In addition, what you get at one clinic will be vastly different, and many times not even be similar to what you get at another. The one equalizer is supposed to be…
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Should Most ACL Surgeries Be Cancelled?

What if I told you that most ACL surgeries that are performed today are like using a stick of dynamite to kill a mosquito? That a precise injection can replace two-thirds of these surgeries. If I was right, who would be the winners and losers? How would this change orthopedic care? Welcome to Interventional Orthobiologics…
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Can You Treat a Valgus Knee Without Surgery?

On this page: What is valgus knee? What causes valgus knee? How does valgus knee affect the kinetic chain? Are there different types of valgus knee? How is valgus deformity treated? Valgus knee patient story A valgus knee is what doctors call “knock-kneed.” These patients can get arthritis on the outside and when that happens,…
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ACL Reconstruction Surgery Is a Second Hit to the Cartilage: Time to Rethink Orthopedics?

ACL reconstruction (ACLR) surgery is a sacred cow of modern orthopedic sports medicine. Most surgeons view it as the first major advancement in that specialty beyond the use of the arthroscope itself. However, this has been an awful decade for orthopedic surgical research with study after study showing that common surgeries are ineffective or harmful.…
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What’s the Average Recovery Time After a PRP Injection?

On this page: How is a PRP injection different from a steroid shot? How long does it take to recover from a PRP injection? What can you not do after PRP therapy? Is the flare-up different for different types of PRP? What’s the success rate of PRP injections? Journal article on PRP injection recovery timeline…
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Posterolateral Corner Injury

The posterior lateral corner of the knee is the back outside area of the knee. Injuries here can happen in sports or other accidents and most of these don’t need surgery. Let’s dig into this topic and also spend some time going over an injury where surgery was recommended, but not needed. What Causes Posterior…
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Should You Get Knee Nerve Ablation?

On this page: What is nerve ablation used to treat? What does nerve ablation do? What are the types of RFA procedures? Does knee nerve ablation work? How long does it take for a nerve ablation to work? How long do the effects of a nerve ablation last? Do you need a diagnostic block? What…
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What Are the Different Types of Knee Injections?

On this page: What are all my options? What are the most common types of knee injections? What are the newer types of knee injections? Do you need imaging guidance to inject a knee? What is the best type of knee injection? There are several types of knee injections. Some your doctor will tell you…
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