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Marrow Cellution: Playing Games with Bone Marrow Data in New Jersey

Since Regenexx has the largest dedicated interventional orthobiologics network that uses highly trained physician subspecialists, there isn’t a week that goes by that someone wants to take a potshot at the big guys. I ignore most of these, but every once in a while, I engage that provider in order to educate my readers. This…
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Shoulder Labrum Surgery Alternative For Faster Recovery

Shoulder surgery recovery can be a nightmare. Pain, months spent in a pillow immobilizer, and months more of rehab. Plus, what many patients don’t know, is that research has shown that surgery for a torn shoulder labrum isn’t all that successful.1,2 Here’s the story of one of our patients who chose to have stem cell…
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Regenexx Achieves a Major Covered Patient Milestone

Regenexx is the only network of physicians offering orthobiologics that has legitimate insurance coverage. Last month in June, we reached a major milestone in covered patients. Let’s dive in. Regenexx Corporate The Regenexx corporate program is designed to allow employers to add interventional orthobiologics procedures to their health plans. What’s in it for them? They…
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Spinal Fusion Is It Worth It? More Research Says No…

A spinal fusion is a surgery that uses hardware and screws to “fix” together two or more vertebrae to make a damaged section of spine immovable. Given that this is a big surgery with many known serious side effects, a patient the other day posed this question: “Spinal fusion is it worth it?” My answer,…
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Shoulder Labral Tear Surgery Pros and Cons

Quick links: What is a shoulder labral tear? What are the causes of labral tears? What is shoulder instability? How is a labral tear related to shoulder instability? What happens if you have shoulder instability after labral tear surgery? I evaluated a patient this week who shows off the warts of our modern orthopedic care…
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Toe Joint Fusion Recovery: One Patient’s Story

On this page: Big toe arthritis and hallux rigidus Problems with toe joint fusion A patient’s story This week I met a patient who had a toe joint fusion. However, this was a disaster of sorts. The good news was that her toe felt better, but the bad news was that her ankle felt worse.…
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Stem Cell Knee Procedures: Are They Worth It?

You can’t turn around these days without seeing an ad for miracle stem cell knee injections. However, these ads bring up many questions. Does stem cell therapy work for knees? Can stem cells repair knee cartilage? Is stem cell therapy for knees covered by insurance? How long does stem cell therapy last for knees? The…
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Can a Torn Rotator Cuff Heal on Its Own Without Surgery?

On this page: What are some common rotator cuff injury symptoms? Will a rotator cuff tear get bigger without surgery? Can a torn rotator cuff heal on its own? Are you wondering, “Do I really need surgery for a torn rotator cuff?” This and others are common questions asked by many of the 40,000 patients…
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