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More Marrow Cellutions Craziness

One of the more interesting gimmicks of the past few years has been a device called Marrow Cellutions (MC). This is a device that purports to harvest bone marrow to maximize the number of stem cells, but every single test performed by the company that compares it against another method or system is fatally flawed. That…
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Is Scoliosis Surgery Worth It?

Several years ago, one of our employees had severe scoliosis and was in severe pain. Given that this was a structural problem, I wasn’t sure we could help, but I developed a procedure called a percutaneous scolioplasty that did eventually make a difference. Let me review another patient today whose nonsurgical treatment results surprised me.…
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Are Ultraprocessed Foods Leading Us to an Earlier Death?

We have a Whole Foods grocery near our office, and I used to drag one of our managers there for lunch meetings every day. He would complain, but now a new study shows that I may have been saving his life? Turns out that data is suggesting that eating unprocessed foods may be helping us live…
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CoreCyte Update: A First or Second Pinnochio Award?

Ughhh…That’s what just came out of my mouth as I received yet another product packet from the out-of-control birth tissues industry. This time that marketing collateral is on a Wharton’s jelly product called CoreCyte. As a result, I thought I would get started on another CoreCyte review as I’ve looked at this one before. Let me…
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What Is A2M, and How Can It Help Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis?

We have used A2M in patients with significant knee swelling and as a cartilage protectant in osteoarthritis (OA). However, this new study suggests that it may prevent cartilage breakdown in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) as well. What Is Rheumatoid Arthritis? Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a much different disease from osteoarthritis. When we talk about arthritis, in general,…
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Consensus Document on Amniotic and Umbilical Cord Scams

There’s an old adage that if you get 10 doctors in a room, you get 10 different opinions. And like all old sayings, there’s a kernel of truth there. Which is why I was surprised that a group of high-powered physicians that I pulled together on the amniotic and umbilical cord scams were all able…
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What Is NeoCyte? Just Another Cord Blood Product?

This has been a bad month for cord blood and birth tissue vendors. We’ve seen multiple cases of bacterial contamination. In addition, a university scientist echoed our earlier research that these are dead birth tissues being hawked as live stem cells. Now, I’ve finally learned more about the cord blood product NeoCyte, which is featured in…
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The State of Knee and Hip Replacement: More Surgeries, Younger Patients, Higher Costs

You can’t drive a mile or two in the city where I live without seeing a bus bedecked with pictures of someone climbing mountains and hawking their new knee replacement. Now a new report confirms what I see, the number of these joint replacements is exploding. Is that a good or a bad thing? Let’s…
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