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Top 10 Regenexx Blog Posts of 2014!

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I’ve been tweeting the top 50 blogs of 2014 this past few days. Here are the top 10 2014 categories that resonate with me:

1. Our New 2014 Research Papers-We have a great research team in place and are on track to publish 4-6 research papers on various Regenexx techniques in 2015. Here’s what we accomplished in 2014:

Hip Arthritis-Regenexx-SD

Knee Arthritis-Regenexx-SD

Local Anesthetics and Stem Cells

2. The Best Orthopedic Stem Cell Research by Others-This was a great year for orthopedic stem cell research! The most significant papers IMHO were all published by Phillipe Hernigou:

-15+ Year Follow-up on Large Numbers of Bone Marrow Stem Cell Treated Patients Shows no Higher Tumor or Cancer Rates

No Cancer Risk Detected with Adult Stem Cell Patients Monitored for 12.5 Years

Stem Cells Injected into the Shoulder Rotator Cuff after Surgery reduced the Retear Rate by 1/2

3. The Death of the Orthopedic Structural Paradigm-Orthopedic surgery continues to fail when looking at evidence based outcomes and long-term side effects. The pace of this failure accelerated in 2014:

Meniscus surgery causes more wear and tear on the knee joint

1 in 4 Knee Arthroscopy Patients Ends up with a Rapid Knee Replacement

Meniscus Tears are Like Wrinkles in Old Age…

Hip Impingement is Very Common in Patients who Have Never had a Hip Problem

Half of Patients use Pain Meds for Knee Pain 1 Year after Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee ACL Surgery Failure Rates in Young Athletes are Very High…

Shoulder Surgery doesn’t Beat Physical Therapy for Rotator Cuff Tears

2/3rd of Teens who Get ACL Surgery will Get Arthritis by the Time they’re 30!

4. The Future of Orthopedics is Less Surgery and More Injections…If we can’t demonstrate that surgery is the answer, then the future will be interventional (injection based) using new tools and new cell based therapies.

5. Orthopedic Stem Cell Research: Is there Enough? Critics often argue that we don’t have any research in the orthopedic use of stem cells, however a review of what’s published argues against this position.

Where’s the beef?-How much research have the various clinics and physicians published? You may be surprised…

6. -2014 Infographic Mania-We continue to spend heavily to update our registry data. Regenexx is the only group collecting and publishing this data on it’s unique procedures!

Knee Arthritis Pain and Function in 710 patients

Knee Arthritis Dosing using the Regenexx-SD Procedure

Should You Treat One of Both Knees with Stem Cells?

New Hip Arthritis Data

New Shoulder Registry Data

7. –Orthopedics 2.0-Our new 3rd edition launches in Kindle and is the #1 best seller in Orthopedics and Pain Management on Amazon!

8. Regenexx in the press:

Regenexx Shoulder Procedure on the Doctors TV Show

Regenexx-ACL Featured on the Ski Channel

Regenexx-ACL Featured in Outside Magazine

9. The SD-Plus Procedure is Announced! Can we get 5-7X more stem cells out of bone marrow than our first generation procedure? The answer is yes…

10. Why Evidence Based Research has Become Faith Based Religion-I love studies and research, as I blog about them frequently. Yet, a movement that is blindly following Evidence Based Medicine is becoming more religion than science…

So those are the Categories of  the Top 10 Regenexx Blog Posts of 2014…Enjoy!

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