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  • 2005
    The Beginning  

    2005 - 

    Dr. Chris Centeno and Dr. John Schultz embark on an idea to apply stem cells to treat orthopedic injuries in a small two-man clinic in Colorado

  • 2005
    Patient Registry  

    2005 - 

    Regenexx begins its Patient Registry – a database for tracking patient outcomes

  • 2006
    Regenexx ® C  

    2006 - 

    Regenexx C (cultured) begins in Colorado

  • 2006
    Regenexx Publications  
    Orthopedics 2.0 eBook Cover

    2006 - 

    Regenexx releases the first of its free publications – A collection that will ultimately include both Free Reports and Free eBooks.

  • 2007
    IRB Study  

    2007 - 

    Dr. Chris Centeno and Dr. John Schultz complete a two-year, IRB-approved research study of the use of both culture-expanded and same-day stem cells to treat knee and hip arthritis and low-back degenerative disc disease

  • 2008
    Regenexx Blog  

    2008 - 

    First Blog on (started 2007) is published

  • 2008
    Regenexx® PL  

    2008 - 

    Regenexx PL Begins

  • 2009
    World Class Lab  

    2009 - 

    Regenexx unveils their world-class laboratory at its Broomfield, Colorado headquarters, lead by a doctorate-level research team.

  • 2009
    Regenexx® SCP  

    2009 - 

    Regenexx SCP Begins

  • 2010
    Regenexx® SD  

    2010 - 

    Regenexx SD Begins

  • 2011
    First Affiliate Physician  

    2011 - 

    Dr. Rob Kramberg of the Rehabilitation Medical Center of New Jersey, is brought in as the first affiliate to the Regenexx Network

  • 2011
    Regenexx® C  

    2011 - 

    Regenexx C begins in Grand Cayman

  • 2012

    2012 - 

    Health Link Medical Center – Oceanside, CA

    Rejuv Medical – Waite Park, MN

    Regenexx Cayman


    Health Link Medical Center – San Rafael, CA

    Regenexx Pittsburgh

    New ReGeneration Orthopedics

    Regenexx Australia

    StemCell ARTS – Virginia

    Chicago Arthritis and Regenerative Medicine

  • 2012
    Fellowship Program  

    2012 - 

    Fellowship program introduced for mentorship and training of up-and-coming physicians.

  • 2012
    Regenexx® PLM & AD  

    2012 - 

    Regenexx PLM & Regenexx AD Begin

  • 2013

    2013 - 

    UCLA Health/Southern California Orthopedic Institute – Van Nuys, CA

    TotalCare Health & Wellness

  • 2014

    2014 - 

    Beacon Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine

    Regenexx Des Moines

    Wasatch Pain Solutions

    Vermont Regenerative Medicine

    Health Link Medical Center – Beverly Hills, CA

    UCLA Health/Southern California Orthopedic Institute – Thousand Oaks, CA

  • 2015

    2015 - 

    Columbia Pain Management

    Bodyworks Musculoskeletal Medicine

    RegenOrthoSport – Dallas, TX

  • 2015
    First Health Benefit Plan Inclusion  

    2015 - 

    First self-funded employer, Meridith, adds Regenexx to their health benefits plan, providing a cost saving solution that gives employees an alternative to orthopedic surgery.

  • 2016

    2016 - 

    Manzano Medical Group

    Regenexx Las Vegas

    Mountain View Rehabilitation

    Regenexx Philadelphia

    RegenOrthoSport – Hyderbad, India

    Algone Interventional Pain Clinic

    Texas Interventional Orthopedic and Regenerative Medicine

    Center for Orthopedic Regenerative Medicine

  • 2016
    World's Largest Safety Paper  

    2016 - 

    Regenexx publishes the world’s largest stem cell safety paper in any medical indication.

  • 2016
    Regenexx® A2M  

    2016 - 

    Regenexx A2M Begins

  • 2017

    2017 - 

    Ortho Regenerative

    Nashville Regenerative Orthopedics


    Rejuv Medical – Savage, MN

    Chun Chuan Clinic

    RegenOrthoSport – Mumbai, India

    Eastern Idaho Spine, Sports and Rehab Center

  • 2017
    Knee Arthritis Trial  

    2017 - 

    First randomized control trial for knee arthritis completed in its third year.

  • 2018

    2018 - 


    Northwest Center for Regenerative Medicine

    AMR Pain and Spine Clinic

    Interventional Orthopedics of Atlanta

    Centeno-Schultz Clinic – Lone Tree, CO

    Cutting Edge Integrative Pain Centers

    Restore Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

    Functional Rehabilitation Experts

    Advanced PainCare and BioHealth Institute

    Interventional Orthopedics CT

    Momenta Pain Care

  • 2019

    2019 - 

    River City Rehabilitation & Spine Specialists

    Center for Interventional Pain and Spine

    Premier Medical Group

    Elite Pain & Health

    Interventional Pain Care

    Coastal Regenerative Orthopedics and Wellness Center

  • 2019
    Research Publication #26  

    2019 - 

    Twenty-Sixth Research Publication

  • 2019
    60 Affiliate Sites  

    2019 - 

    The Regenexx Affiliate Network hits 62 sites.

  • 2019
    EHIR Traction Award  

    2019 - 

    Regenexx receives the Employer Health Innovation Roundtable (EHIR) Traction Award at Cohort 3 (October) for a record number of matches.

  • 2020

    2020 - 

    Premier Orthopaedics

    Physio Logic Medicine

    Spine and Pain Centers

    Ospina Medical Group

  • 2020
    Rotator Cuff Tear Trial  

    2020 - 

    Regenexx’s second randomized controlled trial is published on shoulder rotator cuff tears

What’s Ahead?

The 2020’s and Regenexx

So where are we headed? Our biggest thrust will be making interventional orthopedics competitive on a level playing field with surgical orthopedics. Meaning, by the end of the 2020s, we expect that we will have widespread insurance coverage for what we do. Making the decision between the interventional orthobiologics route or surgery a real choice for most patients, not something driven by how much they can afford out of pocket. We will continue to support and perform the research to make that happen. In the meantime, we expect to save hundreds of millions for our self-funded health plans and disrupt healthcare in the process.

The upshot? Regenexx had a great 2019 and looks forward to starting the 2020’s as the main disruptor of orthopedic care. We want a future where every patient can choose a less invasive route for their care outside of surgery because both options are covered. Making that happen will require much more research, investment, and resources, but we are committed and have made great strides since we began 15 years ago!

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