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Why a Patient Who Decided to Undergo ACL Surgery is a Win…

If you read this blog, you know that we offer a ground breaking precise injection of stem cells to help heal ACL tears. We developed this procedure and are quite proud of it. However, you also know that we have learned which types of ACL tears respond and which are likely to fail. This week I…read more

ACL Stem Cell Procedure Candidacy Tool Unveiled

I revealed, last month, that we had created a tool to be used by our network providers that would aid them in determining whether or not patients are good candidates for our ACL stem cell procedure. More specifically, it tells the doctor if the patient a good, fair, or poor candidate, for our Perc-ACLR stem…read more

ACL Tear Stem Cell Injection: Ultrasound vs. Fluoroscopy

There’s been a lot of controversy lately over whether an ACL Tear Stem Cell Injection can be properly performed using ultrasound. Some physicians cite a paper published in 2015 that seems to show ultrasound can get the job done, and while this may be true for intact ACLs, where injecting them from the bottom of…read more

Why You Can’t Inject a Torn Knee ACL with Ultrasound

When we first began injecting ACL tears with stem cells many years ago, we tried quite a few techniques. At first, it was a very difficult injection that wasn’t reliable. However, after some anatomy review and testing several methods, we finally settled on a procedure that produced reliable results and then began teaching that through…read more

Introducing Perc-ACLR

As many of you know, we pioneered the precise injection of a torn ACL with stem cells, but as we’ve published our results and get ready to publish a second paper, the procedure hasn’t been given a specific name. Recently, I was asked by Orthopedics Today to write one side of a “Point-Counter-Point” where I…read more

ACL Tear Surgery or Not: New Study Show More Reasons to Avoid Surgery

ACL tear surgery or not? Most people believe that getting their ACL reconstructed after a torn ligament is like having a worn-out part replaced in their car. Nothing could be further from the truth. Now, a new study shows yet another reason why an ACL surgically “repaired” knee is not like the original equipment. The Problems…read more

ACL Tears and NFL ACL Surgery-Players See Shortened Careers

The average active American has been taught to believe that if they injure their ACL, they can get a “new one” installed and get back to sports at a high level. While research continues to show this isn’t true, many would point to NFL players as a case in point. Their favorite athletes chose to have…read more

Another ACL Stem Cell Injection Procedure Result

This is a guest post written by Dr. Bashir (and edited by me) as yesterday we were going over this before and after MRI of a patient seen here in Colorado. He will be opening his own Regenexx practice in the Miami area sometime this winter. This is his take on the patient’s MRI above:…read more
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