Shoulder 2.0

How You Can Avoid Invasive Shoulder Surgery

Written by regenerative medicine expert, Chris Centeno, M.D., Shoulder 2.0 delves deep into the workings and complexity of the shoulder. He shares the details of how the world of shoulder surgery will be upended by a new medical specialty called Interventional Orthopedics. This book focuses on each part of the shoulder, complex as it is interconnected to the whole, and on the shift of surgical salvage to the interventional orthopedic approach of shoulder repair.

Using the Regenexx SANS approach, Shoulder 2.0 walks you through a series of tests you can do on your own to better understand where your body is struggling to maintain proper alignment and stability, explaining the possible reasons and long term implications along the way. Shoulder 2.0 explores how Regenexx is further advancing the field of Interventional Orthopedics they helped to invent, where the uses of regenerative orthopedics such as bone marrow concentrate source of stem cells and platelet rich plasma are used to help the body repair and strengthen damaged tissues, opposed to invasive surgeries that often remove important tissues of the shoulder.

Shoulder 2.0: How You Can Avoid Invasive Shoulder Surgery, is in its first edition and is part of the Regenexx book series that addresses nonsurgical solutions to musculoskeletal pain, nutrition, and aging gracefully.

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Shoulder 2.0 : How You Can Avoid Invasive Shoulder Surgery


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