Julie Finds Relief for Her Chronic Knee Pain From Avascular Necrosis With Regenexx

  • Patient’s Name: Julie C.
  • Age/Age Group: 35 to 55
  • Body Part: knee
  • Condition/Injury: avascular necrosis
  • Top concern: knee pain
  • Treatment: Regenexx-SD, which uses bone marrow concentrate that contains stem cells
  • Doctor: John Pitts, MD, Centeno-Schultz Clinic

One minute Julie Cerrone was an active young woman, the next she was on crutches, diagnosed with avascular necrosis (AVN). With this condition, the bone dies off, which often leads to a collapse of the structure and severe arthritis in the joint closest to the bone. Patients usually have no idea how they got it, but the most common cause is anti-inflammatory steroids. 

The only solution seemed to be a knee replacement, but most of the 15 doctors she went to wouldn’t even consider the procedure because of her autoimmune issues.

Like many patients, Julie turned to the internet. She began researching all the newer treatments for AVN and came across Regenexx. In February 2015, she met with John Pitts, MD, at the Colorado facility. Based on a thorough evaluation and review of her case, Dr. Pitts determined that Julie would benefit from Regenexx-SD.

“As the months go by, I get stronger and stronger,” she writes on her blog. “I’ve actually started to become accustomed to pain-free days…and am truly working to get my life back. Last year I had my crutches all decked out in Christmas lights, but this year I’m happy to report that it’s the first Christmas since 2012 that I’ll happily be walking and rocking around my Christmas tree.”

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