Finding Relief From Post-Surgery Knee Pain Without Painkillers

  • Patient’s Name: Stephanie
  • Age/Age Group: 35 to 55
  • Body Part: knee, shoulders, and elbows
  • Condition/Injury: post-surgery pain and tendonitis
  • Treatment: Regenexx-SD, which uses bone marrow concentrate that contains stem cells
  • Doctor: Robert Kramberg, MD, Rehabilitation Medicine Centers New Jersey

Stephanie had come to love two forms of physical self-expression: boxing and weight lifting. But after a skiing accident and subsequent surgery, those were out of the question. And without them, she slipped into depression.

But then she turned to her art, creating a new project that involved a lot of construction. Following the opening of her exhibition at the Smithsonian, her pain was so bad it seemed no painkiller would relieve it.

She had another knee surgery, and her doctor recommended she limit her physical activity, get a sedentary job, and potentially even move out of New York City so she wouldn’t have to navigate subway stairs. At this point, in addition to her knee pain, she also had tendonitis in her shoulders and elbows.

Feeling she had nothing to lose, she went to Rehabilitation Medicine Centers New Jersey and met with Robert Kramberg, MD. He sent her for MRIs and found she had significant degeneration in her knee cap. Based on what he observed, he felt an injection that incorporated a concentrate from Stephanie’s own bone marrow would benefit her the most.

“I had the procedure in February [2014], and the most exciting thing for me was that I started jumping rope in about March, which would have been virtually impossible,” she says. “I started with three minutes, and by June I was up to 10 minutes…. I’ve surpassed what I ever thought could happen.”

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