Ryan Tannehill ACL Procedure

I first met Ryan Tannehill last year when he tore his ACL. While the nature of Ryan’s tear needed surgery, we were able to help his surgical healing with a precise injection of culture-expanded stem cells. So let’s see why Ryan chose Regenexx.

My First Impressions of Ryan

We’ve treated many NFL players through the years. Most don’t want it advertised, but just make a trip to our Colorado headquarters to see the signed autographs on the walls. However, when I first met Ryan in Grand Cayman, I knew he was different. For example, Ryan had planned to attend medical school if he didn’t get drafted. This guy was as smart as he was talented on the field.

Ryan Got “Interventional Orthopedics”

Ryan did his homework and immediately understood that Regenexx was very different. First, he understood that Regenexx providers were experts in a new field, interventional orthopedics. Meaning, they trained for many hours using imaging guidance to be able to hit small targets in the musculoskeletal system without surgery. For more information, see my video below about interventional orthopedics: 

At Regenexx, We Develop New Technology and Push the Boundaries of What’s Possible

Ryan’s interest in Regenexx was the fact that we pioneered the percutaneous ACL repair (perc-ACLR) procedure. This procedure can heal many ACL tears that currently require surgery with only an ultraprecise injection of the patient’s own high-dose stem cells. It can also get athletes back on the field more quickly and obviously help them keep their original ligament. For more information on how that’s done, see my video below:

How This Procedure Is Performed Is Critical

Like most of what we do at Regenexx, soon after putting out there that we could heal ACL tears and publishing on same, we had copycats. Some of these providers, like chiropractic offices, just have a nurse stick a needle blindly somewhere in the knee and try to convince patients that the cells will “find their way” to the damaged spot. However, that doesn’t work. Some try to perform the procedure using ultrasound, which is a prescription for failure as you can’t see the whole damaged ligament using that technology. Why would you use ultrasound? Because you don’t have access to much more expensive fluoroscopy. See my video below:

Are You a Candidate for Our ACL Procedure?

In addition, since we invented the perc-ACLR procedure, our providers get exclusive access to an online candidacy tool that allows them to see which patients are most likely to heal. Everyone else is just flying in the dark on who should be a candidate for this procedure. See below for more info:

Helping Ryan’s Surgical ACL Heal with Stem Cells

Given that the Ryan Tannehill ACL tear wasn’t a candidate for the perc-ACLR procedure, he had ACL reconstruction surgery. However, we were able to help his surgery heal through precise injections of his own culture-expanded stem cells at our licensed Grand Cayman site. He also has his cells stored there if he needs them for another injury in the future. See my video below for information on that advanced cell-culture site: 

The upshot? Ryan is one very smart quarterback. He did his homework and chose Regenexx. He then became a paid spokesperson for the company. We look forward to helping him stay on the field as long as possible!

The Regenexx-C procedure is not approved by the USFDA and is only offered in countries via license where culture-expanded autologous cells are permitted via local regulations. 

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