6 Years Out from a Regenexx Knee Procedure…

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Regenexx knee procedure

We received this 6-year Regenexx knee procedure update on our Facebook page from a patient 20 miles into a bike ride! I’ll let Paul tell his story…

I had my knees done 6 years ago by Dr. Schultz at Regenexx in the Colorado Clinic. 2 ortho doctors said I need to replace both. Dr. Schultz did mine and I had great success…so great NBC in Seattle did a spot on me and the Regenexx stem cell procedure. I still have people chase me down to ask about the procedure that was on NBC TV Seattle.

30 minutes ago a guy from the east coast contacted me through the TV deal 7 months ago. Wanted to say thanks… the guy’s a runner. He had to stop running, only problem was, he loved it. That was his life. Doctors told him same thing…replacement.

Dr. Schultz was his Regenexx doctor. I haven’t heard anything from him after the procedure which I think was last summer. His message to me today…I ran 41 miles last week..can’t believe it…thanks Paul!

I’ll bet I’ve sent 30 people there with varying degrees of success. Some like me, almost 100%, others some improvement, at least where they can live without a replacement, not bad.
My thought, you can always have a replacement done if it doesn’t work.

Why can’t we get insurance to at least try stem cell therapy? That should be the FIRST thing to try, not a replacement first.

There’s many of you out there that can’t afford to have stem cell therapy done. Your insurance will pay for a replacement. .how much. $100,000. and up…stem cell i think it’s under $10.000. Kind of a no-brainer why won’t insurance pay. I think they are getting lots of pressure from Orthopedic Doctors and joint replacement manufacturers. Just think, go get stem cells for under 10 grand, no hospital stay, no painful recovery, if you recover a 100 %. Why not stem cells first….no down side. You may benefit enough that you won’t need a replacement. Your Orthopedic Doctor won’t make big bucks, the hospital won’t make big bucks…and you the patient don’t matter. Try stem cell first.

Start putting pressure on your insurance company, write your congressman…you the patient will benefit.

I’m not paid or have anything to do with Regenexx except I’ve got my life back, skiing, hiking, biking, very active.

Sorry this is poorly written, done on my phone after receiving the message from the running guy..oh, and I’m 20 miles into a bike ride on Maui and 71 years young.
Anyone can contact me, glad to pass on what I know.

Paul Lyon
Gig Harbor, Washington

Couldn’t have said it better myself, Paul! Here’s the Seattle news piece on his Regenexx knee procedure that Paul spoke of: 

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4 thoughts on “6 Years Out from a Regenexx Knee Procedure…

  1. Marshall Sorokwasz

    I’m a Stem Cell believer I had my hip injected and I went from sever pain to almost no pain. I too got my life back.

    1. Nancy Thorne

      I’m two and a half years out from a knee procedure.
      80% better! I walk five miles a day and work out at the gym.
      Not bad for a 67 year old.
      Thank you, Dr Handelman!!

  2. Tony Wiertel

    What was initially wrong with Paul’s knees that the Orthrpedic surgeons recommended a bi-lateral replacement? Does Regenexx offer financing (installments payments) for the procedure?
    I’ve been in contact with your Pittsburgh clinic as I live in Buffalo, New York. Both of my knees are bone on bone with severe osteoarthritis. Can you help me?

    1. Regenexx Team

      Paul had severe knee arthritis. The first step would be to see if you are a Candidate. To do that and to answer your questions, please call 855 622 7838 and they can put you in touch with the right person at RAPS in Pittsburgh.

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