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Are Amniotic and Umbilical Cord Treatments “FDA Approved”?

The explosion in birth tissue use where mostly alternative health practitioners use dead amniotic and umbilical cord products and claim to be injecting millions of young stem cells has been fascinating to watch. One of the questions we get all the time is caused by clinics offering these treatments claiming that they are “FDA Approved”.…
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MRI of the Shoulder: A Great Tool or a Fool’s Errand?

I’ve blogged many times about our penchant as a medical care system to over-interpret MRI results. Because of the attention physicians place on these tests and the decrease of reliance on physical exam, patients often believe that their MRI report was written by the oracle of Delphi and contains explanations of all of the hidden…
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Tramadol Plus an Antidepressant is Bad News…

A very common medication combo prescribed to patients with chronic pain is tramadol (Ultram) plus an antidepressant.  However, new research may call into question whether this is a good idea. Let’s dig in. Depression and Pain One of the biggest chicken and egg controversies that has been zinging around in chronic pain treatment circles for…
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Does Your Gut Bacteria Impact Physical Performance?

There is nothing that has upended a greater swath of medicine these past few years than studies on the microbiome. We’ve seen everything from your weight to depression tied to the bacteria in your gut. Now a new study again blows my mind by linking a type of bacteria in the gut to athletic performance?…
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Do Bench Scientists Have an Ethical Duty to Report That Their Point of View Is Not the Only One?

I’m seeing an interesting change in the dialog around the stem cell wild west. One that is so juxtaposed to reality, it brings up all sorts of ethical problems. What could that be? Bench scientists from one side of campus providing quotes for news stories against the use of orthobiologics while on the other side…
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Do Your Stem Cells Differentiate and Stick Around?

One of the biggest debates right now in regenerative medicine is whether stem cells act through differentiation or a paracrine effect. If you’re considering a stem cell treatment, knowing what all that means is important. Let me explain. Differentiation vs. Paracrine The type of stem cells being most often to treat orthopedic conditions are mesenchymal…
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Class Action Against Stem Cell Clinic Using Fictional Outcomes Can Proceed

I’ve been warning for years that clinics that are using stem cells to treat any medical condition should be collecting clinical outcome data and making that public. This week a stem cell clinic in California overpromising and under delivering became a cautionary tale for all rogue clinics as a judge allowed a patient class action…
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Don’t Buy the Song and Dance on Stem Cell Storage in the U.S.!

This past week a court ordered US Stem Cell to destroy the patient stem cell samples it has stored in cryopreservation. This is a very big deal for reasons that most people likely don’t yet fully comprehend. Why? US Stem Cell and others have long had culture expansion and banking services that were operating illegally…
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