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knee stem cell reviews
As a doctor, there are patients you treat who just walk out the door and you never hear back. The good news is that we have a registry, so if they respond to the multiple pings for outcome data, that information will get recorded. But having it live in a database isn’t, of course, as interesting as hearing about what they’re up to and whether things have changed. This morning is another in our series of knee stem cell reviews and the story of Dion’s knee.

Dion’s Knee and Core

Modern managed-care medicine has taught us that there is only a knee to consider when someone has knee pain. However, the knee is supported physically and through its nerve supply by the spine, so what happens there impacts the knee. Hence, when Dion traveled from Seattle to meet Dr. Pitts and Dr. Williams, they knew that the fact that she had a long history of low-back problems wasn’t some unrelated factoid that they could ignore, but that her back needed to be treated as well if she was going to get the best possible results.

As far as Dion’s knee was concerned, again, Dr. Pitts and Dr. Williams looked beyond the cartilage loss under her kneecap. They performed a comprehensive exam and found degenerated patellar and hamstrings tendons as well as loose ligaments. They also noted that her posterior meniscus on both sides was degenerating. Hence, what would have been a simple five-minute intra-articular injection of her bone marrow cells in another clinic (to minimize physician time) instead involved treating many sites with precise ultrasound– and X-ray–guided injections of her high-dose bone marrow concentrate (Regenexx-SD). Finally, as above, multiple areas in her low back were also treated, including ligaments and placing our latest-generation platelet lysate around irritated nerves.

From here on out, I’ll let Dion tell you about her results. This is an e-mail she sent this week, which I share as the newest addition to our knee stem cell reviews series:

Hello Dr. Pitts,

Today is our 1 year anniversary of my stem cell procedure. My left knee is so strong and functional…my husband Rocky and I are so very grateful. We have thought about you numerous times throughout this year. Some of the times we have expressed gratitude for you have included: January 21st March in Seattle 5 miles; hiking 3 miles, the Oyster Dome, on my birthday in early February; 5 miles in the Grand Canyon, Bright Angel, later in February; the Tax March in April; packing, lifting and moving the contents of an older house/office space throughout March, April, and May; Snowbird, Bryce, Zion and Snow Canyon hiking numerous miles this past August; Mt. Baker 8 mile Chain Lakes Loop hike in September 2000 elevation gain; two weekends ago Yellow Aster Butte 8 miles round trip 2550 elevation gain (btw my all time favorite 360 view of several mountain tops)! This weekend looking forward to a 8 mile fall colors hike on the southern side of Mt. Baker. And guess what?! That left knee you worked on is strong!

We can’t thank you enough for contributing to these most precious of times together! We have truly been appreciative of you and Regenexx on every hike and outing! The above list are not all of the hikes but I believe they give you an understanding of what you helped us to be able to do.

Please give our regards to Dr. Williams…it looks like he has stayed on with you. Good for him and good for you! Oh…the new introductory videos on the Regenexx site are great!

Thanks to all of the staff and contributors at Regenexx! The work you are doing is so vital…so exciting and ever appreciated! Dr. Pitts you get the hero award for this year!

Dion & Rocky

P.S. Yep…that’s my knee at 6150 feet!”

The upshot? As I said, we doctors love to hear from our patients! When we get some context for how we’ve been able to change the lives of people we’ve cared for, it makes all the years of study and long hours and nights spent worrying about this patient or that meaningful. So here’s to Dion’s knee and back and hoping that we can continue to be a part of her and Rocky’s life and keep them both climbing mountains!

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9 thoughts on “Knee Stem Cell Reviews: Meet Dion and Rocky


    It is corect that all medical procedures have success and failure rate.I am a senior citizen and a Physician. I have O.A. of both knees and had replacement surgery done on right knee which did not help me. I still have to walk with a walker. I have been to medical meetings and seminars regarding PRP and Stemcell therapy.The opinions about my knees after discussion with orthopedic surgeons was that both those treatments will help me to build up muscle strength and improve knee functions with PRP and Stem Cells.What is your opinion?The other important topic discussed was reimbursement by insuarance carriers.It would be good if the regenerative medical teams would canvass with the FDA and Legislature and others to emphasize the benefits of this treatment and huge saving as surgery costs about $ 60,000.00 as compared to $10,000.00. with PRP and Sten Cell therapy.What is your opinion?

    1. Regenexx Team Post author


      We are already seeing large self-insured companies who are much more focused on the bottom line begin to pay for Regenexx procedures because of the cost savings. However, Medicare is as much a political as it is an outcomes-driven organization. Getting rid of tens of billions in TKA device costs is not going to happen as long as big orthopedic device companies spend generously on lobbying!

      1. Karl

        Man is that ever the story of anything to do w/federal gov’t regulation.

        Fantastic story above. So uplifting!


  2. David Connery

    I would like more info on this procedure and the names of some doctors that perform it. I live in Las Vegas Nevada. I have been in need of a knee replacement for some time and would like to avoid this if at all possible.

    1. Regenexx Team Post author

      Given the complication and risk profile of knee replacement, avoiding it when possible, is the always the best plan. Regenexx Las Vegas is right in Henderson, and is the only Provider of these procedures in Nevada.

  3. Glenn Waldron

    Dr. Centeno recommended avocado pits for inflammation in one or two of his blogs. He said he was a user. Does he still use them for his inflammation?

    1. Regenexx Team Post author

      Will inquire…

  4. mike Brewer

    I have two knees that my dr says must be replaces some day but right mow shots are the answer . I would like to see if this procedure will help me and not have to do the replacement .
    I live in Jonesboro Arkansas where is the closes place I can get this done at . also more information about this would be nice.

    1. Regenexx Team Post author

      Definitely a good idea to do all you can to avoid knee replacement, given all we now know. Here is more information on how we help patients avoid knee surgery and knee replacement. Please see: and and and and Here is the Regenexx Provider Locator so you can see what the closest Clinic to you would be: We’d need more information to see if you would be a Candidate. Please either submit the “Are You a Candidate”, form or let us know here, and we can assist.

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