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As you may know, we run a fairly large (about 500 patients as of June 2009) complications and outcomes database.  Since we initiate the contacts on patients we have treated, keeping up with it all is a full time job.   I thought this morning I’d share some of the outcomes that just arrived in my e-mail inbox yesterday. These are from patients who avoided surgery by using their own adult stem cells via the Regenexx-C procedure:

-Ruth-Shoulder Rotator Cuff-3 months out from last injection.  Her left side was treated twice with surgery and it failed twice.  When it came time to treat the right side, she wanted to avoid surgery.  Importantly, her most recent rotator cuff tear was treated using an injection of her own stem cells, without surgery.  100%  Improvement-Comment: “When you establish an East coast clinic, please call me. I would love to do your PR!”

-Suzanne-59 year old female who had tried and failed epidural steroid injections, physical therapy, massage, yoga, an inversion table, and an infra-red unit.  She is 4 months out from using her own stem cells to treat a low back disc bulge causing sciatica.  It’s important to note that she could have had surgery, but a discectomy removes the back of the disc and thus weakens the disc structure.  Instead her low back disc bulge was treated with an injection.  Listed her outcome as “Excellent: No or little pain in area treated, major improvement”-Comments-“thank you, thank you, thank you…”

-Ghislane-5 months out from using her own stem cells to treat left and right knee arthritis-was told she needed a knee replacement or continual knee injections.  90% Improvement in left knee, 70% in right knee.  Comment-“This procedure should be made available in all states. It cost me two trips and hotel stays in Colorado.   It’s a formidable treatment… After a minisectomy, I was told that I would need to be injected with Synvisc for ever, That would be too costly, my knees would be swollen and I’d never be cured.  Goodbye Synvisc!”

-Anthony-66 year old athletic male 3 months out from his l using his own stem cells to treat a severely degenerated and torn knee meniscus.  We placed him in the FAIR category when we looked at his films.  He reports, “Great improvement”, plans to have the right knee treated.  Comments: : “No knee pain when I run!”

-Jeanne-57 year old woman with knee pain since the 5th grade.  She was told she needed a knee replacement for severe arthritis.  Now 10 months out from her left knee treatment using her own stem cells-90% better, excellent outcome, planning on having other knee treated.

-Peter is a 46 year old male who is s/p multiple knee surgeries where most of his meniscus was removed and he was left with multiple osteochondral defects (holes in the cartilage).  His is now 10 months out from right knee treatment using his own stem cells.  Excellent outcome, comment: “While I could ski and play soccer before, it was with discomfort and swelling. I now can perform both sports with minimal discomfort and really no swelling.”

-Phil is a 61 year old male who injured his knee playing racquetball and had an unsuccessful knee arthroscopy and debridement.  He managed this knee for awhile using SynVisc injections, but over the last year began experiencing diminishing returns.  He is now 70% better after using his own stem cells to treat the knee arthritis-can play racquetball now without a brace.

-Victor is a 39 year old male who had most of his lateral meniscus removed, but still had pain.  He is now 7 months out from right knee treatment using his own stem cells to treat the resultant osteochondral defect.  From South America.  Comments: “I do actually know a lot of people with joint problems. I do definitely recommend the procedure to all of them.”

-Ron is a 65 year old male who had multiple issues with his SI joint as well as severe hip arthritis.  While he was told he needed a hip replacement, nobody had ever taken the time to look at his sacro-iliac joint, which was also painful and in need of treatment.  He is now 1 year out from a right SI joint and hip treatment using his own stem cells to treat severe arthritis-100% better.

-Marie is a 61 year old female with a chronic left knee, lateral collateral ligament injury and a chronic right lateral ankle ligament injury.  She is now 8 months out from using her own stem cells to treat both of these areas via injection, without surgery.  Reports, “Excellent: No or little pain in area treated, major improvement”.  Comments: “Doing fine, all patched up!”

-Paul-Octogenarian with hip arthritis, told he needed a hip replacement, but also told that it was very risky at his age.  95% improvement.  Comments-“Great to be sleeping again without pain!”

It’s important to note that these are “day in the life” outcomes as I received them from our database nurse yesterday.  It’s also very important to note that we don’t claim anywhere near a 100% response rate and that we also have patients that don’t respond to treatment.  However, as a doctor, it’s always fun when you get great feedback from patient about what you’re doing!

These patients were treated with the Regenexx-C (cultured stem cell injections).

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Chris Centeno, MD is a specialist in regenerative medicine and the new field of Interventional Orthopedics. Centeno pioneered orthopedic stem cell procedures in 2005 and is responsible for a large amount of the published research on stem cell use for orthopedic applications. View Profile

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