Regenexx Snags Another Patent

Regenexx has been granted dozens of patents throughout the years. This week we received a Korean patent on devices that create platelet lysate for clinical use. Let’s dig in.

What is Platelet Lysate (PL)?

Platelet lysate is a key technology that Regenexx developed for clinical use way back in 2005. Platelets have growth factors and exosomes that can help tissue heal. They degranulate those over about a week like a controlled-release pill. Platelet lysate breaks open those platelets to provide those to the patient for immediate use, like an immediate release pill. For more on the comparison, see my video below:

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How is PL Made?

At Regenexx we have performed years of lab experiments on how to create the highest growth factor concentration and biologically active platelet lysate. However, while those methods work in an in-house lab, there are no clinical devices that create PL. This patent is for bedside devices that create PL.

The upshot? Regenexx has been granted dozens of US and International patents. Why? Because what we do is unique.

Chris Centeno, MD is a specialist in regenerative medicine and the new field of Interventional Orthopedics. Centeno pioneered orthopedic stem cell procedures in 2005 and is responsible for a large amount of the published research on stem cell use for orthopedic applications. View Profile

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