Snowboarder Returns To The Snow After Regenexx Knee Procedure

  • Patient’s Name: Tony M.
  • Age/Age Group: 55
  • Body Part: knee
  • Condition/Injury: torn meniscus
  • Top concern: knee pain
  • Treatment: Regenexx-SD, which uses bone marrow concentrate that contains stem cells

Tony, a 55-year-old recreational master Alpine snowboard racer, began experiencing knee pain from snowboarding. At the end of one season, he realized the pain was so bad he could no longer ride his board.

Wondering if he would ever be able to snowboard again, he went to his orthopedic surgeon. His doctor took one X-ray and told Tony he was done with snowboarding. Additionally, the MRIs showed that he had holes in both of his menisci. Another orthopedic surgeon recommended surgery, but said that Tony would still be in pain afterward. 

He remembered hearing about regenerative medicine therapies, so he began to do some research. He found Regenexx and saw they had a provider in California. During his initial appointment, the doctor reviewed his X-rays and MRIs and completed a physical exam. By the end he felt confident that Tony was a good candidate for Regenexx-SD, which uses bone marrow concentrate that contains stem cells.

“I had the main procedure done on Thursday, and I returned to work on Tuesday,” he says. “It took several weeks before I noticed that my knees were actually feeling better, but as the weeks went on, they got more and more comfortable. Six weeks later, the braces were off; I started to work out more intensely. And four months afterward, I was back on snow.”

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