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Regenexx Facebook Reviews

During this pandemic, Facebook has been a great place to connect with patients from way back when. I’ve been on Facebook live 3 times a week recently, so these are just a smattering of Regenexx Facebook reviews that have been left. Let’s dig in.

Regenexx TV on Facebook Live

I have a new Facebook live show with Dr. Jason Deitch on Mondays. Wednesdays and Fridays at 12 pm Pacific/3 pm Eastern called “Regenexx TV: You’ve Got the Power”. The goal is to educate you about your treatment options. So please tune in! This is where many of these Regenexx Facebook reviews originate.

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What Is Regenexx?

Before we get into Regenexx Facebook reviews, let’s dive into what Regnexx is and how we might help you. Regenexx is a suite of medical procedures that involve using sophisticated imaging guidance to place your own healing platelets and stem cells into damaged parts of your musculoskeletal system. We were the first physicians on earth to treat many common orthopedic problems using these types of image-guided injections. We’re now celebrating our 15th anniversary in helping patients avoid more invasive orthopedic surgery through our precise and minimally invasive techniques.

To become a Regenexx physician requires intense background and additional training. For example, we offer about 100 different image-guided procedures all over the body that our physicians must master, Their education is both Regenexx specific and through a 501c3 non-profit known as the Interventional Orthobiologics Foundation. 

Regenexx believes in research. Hence, we have a fully equipped university-level research lab on-site at our Colorado HQ. We also have a full team of researchers on-staff and publish several research papers a year. To see what we have published to date, see this link. 

Regenexx Facebook Reviews

I’ve broken these down by body area treated:


Jim VanTilburg I’ve had Regenexx Stem Cell by Dr Stiene in Cincinnati on both hips and both knees!! Very, very happy. I walk better now than I have in years!!

Ronald Adkins I wish I could give my brother Vince a free treatment to show him stem cells work. Thanks Dr Centeno and Dr Schultz for all you have done for me.

Hand CMC

This is the joint at the base of the thumb:

John Aaron Tell Dr. Chris I’m fine, my hand is back to 95% most of the time; and I hope you are all well and good… stay safe.


Candice Martin I have had stem cell injections on both knees by Dr Chris Williams at IOA in Atlanta and both continue to improve as I am able to walk several miles and range of motion continues to improve on recumbent bike. Hope to get back on tennis court soon. Was told I would need knee replacement due to severe arthritis. No fake knees for me. I turn 70 in July. Thank you Regenexx !
Roxann Rich Miracle workers had a torn meniscus in my left knee this fall went to their Dallas affialate (Dr moova) had a stem cell injections and my knee is healed! Something the orthopedic surgeon said was not possible.
Paul Lyon  Yes..6 years ago couldn’t hardly walk, ski, bike…… I ski hard, bike hard and live life…oh, and I’m 73. Don’t go to your “neighborhood stem cell doctor”…Regenexx started stem cell therapy…the leaders.


Katie McGee  Dr. Fausel spent more time with me than any of the 3 other doctors I saw for my torn hamstring and back issues. He looked at my body as whole and seemed together a treatment plan to that was integrated and tailored to my specific issues. He took the time to listen, show me everything in my MRI and outline how I could get back on the trails. HIGHLY recommend him.


Donna Boyer  I have been having stem cell & PRP procedures by Dr. Chris Centeno, for the past six years with great success! An MRI of my right shoulder originally showed a full tear of my rotator cuff. After having a stem cell procedure done by Dr. Centeno, the follow up MRI, six months later, showed “no evidence of a tear.” I have since had successful procedures on my left shoulder, neck (cervical) complete spine, right hip & right thumb. I feel like I’m the “stem cell poster girl,” lol! This is a wayyy better option than most traditional orthopedic surgeries as far as I’m concerned. Thank you, Dr. Centeno & staff for all that you’ve done & continue to do… you’re simply the best! 


Susan Nichols My teenage son had this procedure done there in May and he is doing SO much better now already! He’s back to most of his normal activity and back in school! We’re so thankful for all the work you do there!!
Stacey Kaufman · 12:52 I’m a PICL patient😃. Before I found Regenexx, I asked every specialist for motion diagnostic testing and was told there is no such thing. Last surgeon I saw looked at my DMX and said that because there’s no surgical protocol for lateral laxity, that meant there was nothing wrong with my neck. I bow to the Centeno-Schultz Gods ❣️

Low Back

Bill King Dr. Schultz described my situation exactly, after treatment at the Regenexx Clinic HQ the pain has subsided considerably and mobility has improved a lot. If you suffer from low back pain after receiving a fusion I recommend considering treatment with the Regenexx folks.


Amy Wilfong Thurman · 47:07 I saw Dr. Booth in Oklahoma City and he is amazing! The consultation was like nothing I’ve ever experienced because it was so extensive and informative! I’m still amazed at how much he was able to share with me from that one visit. Amazing!
Anthony Murphy Just want to say regenex I’m in uk and everyone is in panic mode.
I have had regenex treatment 2 weeks ago and I feel like a million dollars with magic things finally happening that I was told would never happenagain for keep up what ever yous are doing!
Barb Riedberger Thanks so much for the time & energy you put into education! I’m one of the thousands saved from invasive surgery by a timely Regenexx Facebook ad. I ended up seeing my Regenexx doctor 6 days before scheduled surgery & am so grateful I cancelled it & went with PRP injections!! I love what you are doing! 
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No Magic Zone

Regenexx is a medical procedure and like all such interventions, it has a success and failure rate. That means that some patients will not get the results you see above in the Regenexx Facebook reviews. To see what our success rates are by body area, see our registry data here. 

The upshot? It’s been great connecting with old patients through my new Facebook Live show, “You’ve Got the Power”. Come join us on Facebook three days a week!

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NOTE: This blog post provides general information to help the reader better understand regenerative medicine, musculoskeletal health, and related subjects. All content provided in this blog, website, or any linked materials, including text, graphics, images, patient profiles, outcomes, and information, are not intended and should not be considered or used as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please always consult with a professional and certified healthcare provider to discuss if a treatment is right for you.

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