Top Regenexx Social Media Posts of 2016?

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Social media is a powerful tool! It’s literally changed life in ways no one could have predicted. For us, it’s a great way to share information and a unique opportunity to communicate with you in ways previously not possible.

What’s Been Trending at Regenexx in 2016?

The newest thing has been our Facebook Live events! Rather than prepared seminars, they give you an opportunity to ask anything, live, in real time. Dr. Mark Testa helps facilitate, and as you can tell if you’ve attended one of these, I really enjoy answering your questions! We had fun giving a tour of our research lab, explaining all the equipment we use to continue to improve Regenexx treatments and showing you what your stem cells actually look like. We’ve talked about the amniotic “stem cell” scam and everything and anything else that has been on your mind. Keep the Regenexx FB page open to catch one of these…They just pop up! Here’s one below; to watch previous Regenexx Facebook Live events, just go to the “Videos” section of our FB page at

Facebook Live with Dr. Chris Centeno and Dr. Mark Testa. Ask us about Regenexx orthopedic stem cell procedures for arthritis, joint injuries and spine pain.

Posted by Regenexx on Monday, December 5, 2016

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2016 Top 10 Overall Facebook Engagement

We’ve already published the “Top 10 Most Visited Regenexx Blogs of 2016,” but many others were real crowd pleasers as well! Our top 10 overall engagement list includes blogs about procedures, Regenexx, bone-on-bone arthritis, meniscus surgery, one of our doctors, and some of our amazing patients who wanted to tell their stories…

Starting from 10 and working up to 1, this list follows:

10. Regenexx Knee Stem Cell Recovery: Paying It Forward…

9.  Stem Cells For Bone on Bone Arthritis? Replenish Stem Cell Reserves

8.  Understanding How Ligaments Repair Themselves After Regenerative Medicine Treatments

7.  Injury Recovery In CrossFit Athlete: Finding Relief in Stem Cells and PRP

6.  Meet Dr. Markle of Regenexx

5.  Knee Surgery Is a Risk…Even with the Best Surgeons

4.  Meniscus Surgery Failure: The Evidence Mounts

3.  Chronic Knee Pain to IRONMAN—A Regenexx Knee Patient’s Story

2.  New Regenexx Begins Video

1.  Why Regenexx Is Very Different: Hip Labrum Stem Cell Procedure

Regenexx Instagram

The top performers on Regenexx Instagram this year were all videos:

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Blog Comments

This year we instituted “Blog Comments” where you can comment or ask a question on each blog. We’ve heard some incredible patient stories about their journeys before and after treatment! It’s also a great place to ask a specific question. The most commented on blog of 2016 was
“New England Journal of Medicine: R.I.P. Back and Neck Fusion Surgery.”


The upshot? Having an opportunity to hear what you’re interested in or passionate about or what we can help with is a privilege! Thanks for letting us pop up in your busy world as we continue to work to help you “keep all your original parts.” ~ Matt Chan

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