Martynas Juozaitis, MD

Martynas Juozaitis, MD


London, England - 1b Hollywood Road, Chelsea, London, England SW10 9HT, United Kingdom

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Martynas Juozaitis, MD

Dr. Juozaitis is a Consultant in Anaesthesia and Pain Management at Princess Royal Hospital SATH NHS Trust UK.

Dr. Juozaitis got his qualifications after completing his medical training in 2004 and worked as a consultant at a busy university hospital (tertiary centre) in the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius. Hospital is known for its research, innovations, national standard development and this is where the first Lithuanian Pain Management Clinic was open to accepting national referrals.

Dr. Juozaitis moved to the UK in 2006 where he continued his professional progress and education and was involved in several service developments within the hospital.

Dr. Juozaitis professional interest is musculoskeletal pain management mainly, interventional treatments with the focus on spinal pain and functional improvement. His current practice is part of busy multidisciplinary musculoskeletal centre with weekly interventional day surgery sessions and outpatient consultation service. He has practicing privileges at several private hospitals, such as Nuffield Hospitals in Wolverhampton and Shrewsbury and Dolan Park Hospital in Birmingham.

Dr. Juozaitis is a member of SIS (Spine Intervention Society), IOF (Interventional Orthopaedic Foundation) and he is an Associate Fellow of The Royal College of Anaesthetists.

After extensive market and evidence research, Dr. Juozaitis together with his colleague has founded company Algocells Ltd which is the first in UK Regenexx affiliate Clinic bringing evidence-based regenerative orthopedic treatments to the UK.



Specialty areas: Cervical Spine (Not Upper Cervical or CCI)*, Elbow, Foot & Ankle, Hand & Wrist, Hip, Knee, Lumbar Spine, Shoulder, Thoracic Spine

*This provider is NOT authorized by Regenexx to treat the C0-C1 or C1-C2 levels of the neck or CCI (craniocervical instability).

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