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Can The Patient’s Bone Marrow Heal a Fracture Non-union?

There’s nothing worse than having a fracture and waiting for months for it to heal only to find out it’s not healing. That’s what happened to a recent patient I treated in Grand Cayman. While his orthopedic surgeon wanted to pull the trigger on a second big surgery, he opted to use his own bone…read more

Back to Active Life After Wrist Nonunion Fracture Treatment Without Surgery

While wrist fractures normally heal, sometimes, for whatever reason, they don’t. When a fracture doesn’t heal, this is called a nonunion, or a delayed union, and it can be a nightmare. When a nonunion fracture occurs, the focus will typically turn to surgery. Nonunion fractures aren’t limited to wrists; they can occur in other parts…read more

Spondylolysis Recovery Time: Avoiding the Knife

Spondylolysis is common in disturbingly young athletes who are born with weakened or disconnected areas of their spine. Sometimes this break in the spine bone heals, and sometimes it doesn’t. When the spot doesn’t mend, the patient usually undergoes a big surgery that can cause serious problems. So if your spondylolysis recovery time is taking too…read more

Can a Precise Stem Cell Injection Work Where Surgery Fears to Tread?

A patient recently came to us with a very serious problem. She had not only a shoulder bone (humerus) fracture, but also osteonecrosis. Her orthopedic surgeons had told her that trying to get this to heal would be like trying to bolt tissue paper to tissue paper and consequently there was no surgical solution. As…read more

Bone Healing Help: Can a Stem Cell Injection Heal a Fracture that Surgery Won’t Touch?

You won’t see the above picture in many places in the world. What does it show? A 15 gauge specialized needle precisely injecting stem cells under fluoroscopic guidance into a horribly fractured and non-healing shoulder bone – in other words bone healing help. Why do this type of procedure? This is a fracture that’s so…read more

Using Stem Cells in an Elite Track Athlete: Regenexx Patient Cydonie Mothersill wins Cayman Invitational

Can stem cells be used as a running stress fracture treatment in an elite track athlete? Cydonie Mothersill is an elite track athlete and gold medalist at the 2010 Commonwealth games, 2010 Mayaguez, and CARIFTA games. After her great performance at the Commonwealth Games in 2010, she was within striking range of a medal in…read more

New Original Research: A Stem Cell Injection Can Be a Non-healing Fracture Surgery Alternative

Stem cell injections are indeed a good non-healing fracture surgery alternative.  As I have always said, when we have enough data we publish our work in the peer-reviewed medical literature. This makes us very different than just about any clinic using stem cells to treat orthopedic injuries. We have been treating non-healing fractures with stem…read more

Non-Healing Fractures: Injecting Stem Cells helps Heal Fractures Faster than Traditional Surgery

A doctor discusses how injecting the patient's own stem cells into a non-healing fracture (fracture non-union or delayed union) can help the fracture heal without the need for surgery.
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