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The Alien Abduction Model of DDD: Why Cellular Drug Trial Results Have Been Underwhelming

Let’s say that you’re sleeping one night and get awoken by an alien in your bedroom who takes you back to the mothership for experiments on your low back. That’s pretty much what we’ve been doing with animal degenerative disc disease research for decades. It’s this artificial DDD model that has caused many cell therapy…read more

Periacetabular Osteotomy: Should You Get Hip PAO Surgery?

You find out after a visit to the local orthopedic surgeon’s office that you or your young adult has hip dysplasia. One of the treatments offered is a surgery called PAO. You frantically search the Internet to figure out what that is and whether it’s a good choice. So today let’s explore hip PAO surgery.…read more

Can Young Blood Transfusions Make You Younger?

There’s been an experimental result that medical science has known about for a long time that has shaken up our basic understanding of biology. It’s called Heterochronic Parabiosis and it’s basically hooking an old animal up to a younger one. Several existing experiments suggested that this made the old animal younger, but new research questions…read more

Rebutting Misinformation in Orthopedic Journals: Ittleman and Shapiro

Orthobiologic treatments represent a disruptive technology that I have blogged on dozens of times. Given that many patients who used to get invasive orthopedic surgery are now skipping those procedures and instead using interventional orthobiologics, orthopedic surgeons have varied reactions to this new playing field. We’ll explore those issues today in the context of an…read more

VittiLabs, the Sopranos, and an FDA Warning Letter

I’ve blogged quite a bit on the crumbling amniotic and umbilical cord fake stem cell market. Despite peer-reviewed research demonstrating that these products clearly have no stem cells, throughout social media, we still see patients who are getting bombarded by influencers who claim they are loaded with young and vital stem cells. One of the…read more

Is a Little Alcohol a Wonder Drug or Poison?

You may remember 10 years ago when cardiologists recommended every US adult have a glass of red wine every night, convinced that this could bend the heart attack rate down. However, lately, we’ve been hearing a different story in the media about light to moderate alcohol use. Is alcohol a toxin with no fully safe…read more

Our Most Recent Publication on Blood Clots, Anticoagulation, and Knee Arthritis BMC Procedures

New medical technology attains a few predictable levels as it’s adopted by more and more physicians. Because we’ve been performing knee bone marrow concentrate procedures for a very long time and collecting registry data on them, we’re well into the final level. As a result, we just published a peer-reviewed research paper on the risk…read more

Playing With Knee Steroid Data, Et Tu Harvard?

A few years back a seminal paper was published showing what many physicians knew was an issue, that mega-dose steroids destroy knee cartilage (1). However, this was a HUGE problem for many physicians who have been injecting this stuff with wild abandon for many years. Hence, it was only a matter of time before papers…read more
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