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Muscles Use Travelling Nuclei to Repair Themselves

If you hit the gym or increase your cardio dramatically, you should want to know how muscle repair works. While we have a good idea of how that works using muscle stem cells, now new research shows how muscles do this using their nuclei. Let’s dig in. What Is a Nucleus? The nucleus is the…read more

Your Back Problem May Be Destroying Back Muscles

An issue in your spine could be destroying your back muscles. Keeping the back muscles active, even in the presence of aging and a spinal disorder, may keep the back stronger and, therefore, decrease the risk of muscle loss.

Leg Muscle Wasting as You Age? Check Your Low Back Nerves

Have you ever noticed that thinner older people have flatter butts and skinnier legs compared to young people? According to new research, this isn’t just your imagination, but a real physiologic effect of aging. One that again shows us how much the nerve supply of the low back impacts our legs without us knowing it’s…read more

Why Is My Calf Muscle Twitching?

On this page: Calf muscle twitching and low back nerves What to do about calf muscle twitching Maybe you’re watching your favorite TV show or browsing the Internet, and suddenly you experience a spontaneous episode of calf muscle twitching. Or perhaps you’ve just finished an intensive round of exercise, CrossFit for example, and that exertion…read more

My Calf Muscle Tear Was Caused by My Low Back

This week I had what I call my first “old man” injury, a calf muscle tear while climbing the stairs. Really? Climbing the stairs? What am I, 80? In addition, I should have known that I was high risk for something like this as I had warning signs screaming for the last several weeks. In…read more

The Multifidus Muscle and Spine Pain – Cause and Effect

The multifidus muscle is the most important stabilizer of your spine, but one that most patients and physicians have never studied. There are now hundreds of research studies confirming that when this little muscle goes south, all heck breaks loose in the neck and back. The multifidis is easy to spot on the average MRI…read more

Botox for Headache Reviews: Muscle Damage Side Effects

A huge trend in headache treatment these last few years has been the use of BoTox. However, while this helps symptoms, we’ve observed it’s steadily making some patients much worse. Why? Read more for my take on botox for headache reviews. BoTox is made from a natural toxin that poisons the connection between the nerve…read more
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