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More Research on How Bone Marrow Is Collected Is Critical

Any expert in any field can easily pull back the curtain on how the sausages in that field are made. What I mean is that any field sufficiently complex to need experts has a huge number of variables that determine the quality of the end product. The same rules apply to interventional orthobiologics. There are…read more

Why Concentration Matters in Orthobiologics: My Recent TOBI Presentation

Dose is a critical concept in medicine. In fact, a doctor who doesn’t know the dose of medication he injects into your body would lose a medical license. However, for far too long, we’ve allowed physicians practicing orthobiologic procedures to inject these products without knowing the dose. Our recent research and papers published by others…read more

What Dual Axis C-arm Fluoroscopy Can Teach Us About Image Guidance

At our Colorado HQ site, we recently brought in dual-axis fluoroscopy. What’s that and what can that teach us about the critical importance of imaging guidance in interventional orthobiologics? Let’s jump in. What is Fluoroscopy? Fluoroscopy is a live x-ray technology. It’s part of the one-two punch of imaging guidance technologies that are required equipment…read more

The Great Disc Slide Caper: East West Health Review

[August 14th, 2020 update: East West Health received an FDA letter about its claims of using umbilical cord “stem cells” on Aug 11th, see this link.] I have been chasing my disc slides around the Internet all year. They are being used by various fake stem cell clinics as a marketing tool, even though these…read more

Montana Regenerative Medicine Review

One way to figure out what real orthobiologics look like is to review some of the stuff I get sent. This week an educated patient left a comment on one of my posts. This lead to a several day investigation into the clinic in hopes that I could educate more patients about how to avoid…read more

Biceps Tenodesis Side Effects: They Did What to You?

I have a running list that I keep of the dumbest surgeries. One of my criteria to make the list is when I first hear about the procedure from a patient I am shocked enough to say out loud, “They did what to you?” While I’ve known about the concept of tenodesis for many years,…read more
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