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Another Lower Back Stem Cell Injection Patient Result

Way back when, in 2005/6, when I injected the first patient in the world with stem cells into a damaged low back disc, it was “way out there.” In fact, we had to be under the supervision of an Institutional Review Board just to get it done. How times have changed in 13 short years.…
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What Is an Annular Tear?

Many patients don’t know that it’s possible to tear the disc in their neck and back. When this happens it’s called an annular tear. So let’s explore what happens. The annulus is the tough, fibrous outer covering of our spinal discs. The spinal discs live between each of the bones that make up our spine,…
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Watch a Stem Cell Disc Treatment: Step into Our Procedure Suite with Dr. Pitts

With over 2,000 posts on this blog, I’ve given you a lot of material to read over the years about what we do; however, there’s nothing quite like watching an actual procedure. I hope you are enjoying this series of videos allowing you to step into one of our procedure suites so you can observe…
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New Research: An MRI with Stenosis Doesn’t Diagnose Your Pain

We have all been taught that what shows up on an MRI is incredibly important—so much so that countless invasive surgeries are launched based on a picture and a cursory exam. Despite this, study after study continues to show just how bad MRI is at predicting who’s in pain. However, one of the sacred cows…
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Lower Back Stem Cell Treatment Returns Fitness Professional to Competition

Perpetual growth in mind, body, and soul is the philosophy professional body builder Eileen Wells lives by. Her everyday goal? Be better today than she was yesterday. As a professional competitor in the fitness division of the International Federation of BodyBuilding (IFBB) she was able to live by that mantra…until all of that changed in…
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CrossFit Back Injury Prevention Checklist

Pro CrossFit is an amazing thing to watch. People with what look like superhuman bodies perform lifts and feats that defy the imagination. It requires incredible discipline, form, commitment, and truly knowing and understanding your body. Then there are the amateurs, like me, who do CrossFit because it produces better results through high-level exercise. We likely see more…
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TMJ Stem Cell Therapy: Valerie’s Story

Every doctor sees patients who, right off the bat, he or she knows are a huge challenge. Valerie was one of those patients with one of the most severe cases of TMJ I have ever seen. She was unable to eat solid or soft foods at any level, and I was pretty sure she also…
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The Multifidus Muscle and Spine Pain – Cause and Effect

The multifidus muscle is the most important stabilizer of your spine, but one that most patients and physicians have never studied. There are now hundreds of research studies confirming that when this little muscle goes south, all heck breaks loose in the neck and back. The multifidis is easy to spot on the average MRI…
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