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QC Kinetix Goes from Mastering the Upsell to Reducing Costs?

I have often written about QC Kinetix because they’re hard to miss. They have bombarded the airwaves across the US, causing countless physician colleagues to reach out and ask, “What the heck is this?” Now I hear that the company has decided to create a program to save corporations money on their elective orthopedic surgery…read more

My 2024 PRP RCT Infographic

Every year, I perform a deep dive into the orthobiologic literature to see what’s been published. This is part of my job as CMO of Regenexx, and it’s also a great opportunity to produce an infographic that others in the orthobiologics community can use. This is my 2024 edition of the PRP randomized controlled trials…read more

The “Save the Cord” Ripoff: The Insurance Policy for Very, Very, Very Rare Diseases

Expecting parents often contact me to ask my opinion about saving their baby’s umbilical cord tissue. The companies that sell this service are aggressive, and this morning, I’d like to share one such sales pitch because IMHO it’s so far off from reality that it’s nutty. Let’s dive in. Sales 101 My wife recently bought…read more

How the SCOTUS Chevron Decision Impacts the Stem Cell Wild West

This week, something big happened with a SCOTUS decision that will eviscerate the FDA’s ability to control the stem cell wild west. This was the Chevron decision. So, what is this, and what does it mean? Let’s dive in. What is Chevron Deference? You may not know that the Supreme Court just decimated the power…read more

Dr. Christopher Centeno: A Pioneer In Regenerative Medicine And First Recipient Of The ASIPP/TOBI Lutz Excellence Award

by Regenexx Team
We are thrilled to announce that on June 21, 2024, Dr. Christopher Centeno, co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of Regenexx, was honored as the first recipient of the prestigious Lutz Excellence Award. This award, bestowed by the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians (ASIPP) and The Orthobiologic Institute (TOBI), recognizes Dr. Centeno’s extraordinary contributions and tireless…read more

How Does PRP Compare to a DMOAD Drug Candidate?

Disease-modifying osteoarthritis drugs (DMOADs) are one of the holy grails of medicine. The idea is that you can inject something in a knee that will reduce the progression of osteoarthritis and that will, therefore, reduce the need for a knee replacement. I have previously blogged about a company called Biosplice that was testing a DMOAD…read more
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