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Meniscus Tear MRI?-Please Read This

Key points: Meniscus tears in middle-aged or older people are as important as wrinkles – they are a sign of normal aging New research shows that all sorts of once serious findings exist in the knees of patients without pain Many studies now show that the most commonly used surgery to treat meniscus tears doesn’t…
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Meniscus Tear Recovery Time Without Surgery

On this page: Can a meniscus tear heal on its own? What happens if you leave a torn meniscus untreated? How can I improve my chances of the meniscus healing on its own? Does meniscus surgery work? Can you treat a meniscus tear without surgery? What is the meniscus tear recovery time without surgery? If…
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What Causes Knee Pain 1 Year After Meniscus Surgery?

On this page: What is meniscus surgery? Does meniscus surgery work? Can the meniscus tear again after surgery? What happens to the knee after meniscus surgery? What can you do if still you have knee pain? Knee pain 1 year after meniscus surgery is much more common than most people realize. Why? Let’s dig in.…
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Seeking A Meniscus Surgery Alternative? Please Don’t Get this Crazy Surgery

I have blogged extensively about pursuing a meniscus surgery alternative since research years ago began showing that this surgery was not helping patients and may be harming them. Now new research also shows just how poorly this procedure works and how it’s likely pushing patients toward an earlier knee replacement. Let’s dig in. What is…
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Is Surgery Necessary for a Torn Meniscus? More Research

Is surgery necessary for a torn meniscus? The answer, based on the research, is now clear. If you’re over age 35, the most common surgery used to treat a torn meniscus called partial meniscectomy is useless. Now new research out of Johns Hopkins quantifies the massive scale of the epidemic of ineffective knee meniscus surgeries…
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More Evidence that Knee Meniscus Surgery Causes Arthritis

You gotta love medicine. In no other profession would something that has been shown to be ineffective continue to be done. As an example, we’ve known for years now that knee meniscus surgery doesn’t work. Despite that, it’s still the most common knee procedure in the United States. We also have some research to show…
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Meniscus Surgery Failure? The Evidence Mounts…

It seems like meniscus surgery has become a modern rite of passage for active people. A middle-aged person gets knee pain while doing something active, and sometimes a pop or shift is felt. The knee swells and becomes painful, and activity is difficult. An MRI shows a meniscus tear, and surgery ensues. Is the problem…
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Knee Surgery for a Meniscus Tear? Not if You’re Middle Aged…

Should you get knee surgery for a meniscus tear? According to recent research, not if you’re middle-aged or older, since it’s likely that the tear seen on MRI has nothing to do with your knee pain. This may come as a surprise, but let me explain. This has been a rough time for orthopedic surgery. As…
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