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How to Interpret the Different Trajectories of Ligament Healing

We can now help many ligament injuries heal through precise injections rather than surgery. Most patients do great, but some are left trying to read the tea leaves of their recovery pattern to see how this impacts their future. So let’s review most of the possible outcomes and learn from them. My Ligament Healing History…read more

What’s Causing Your Side-of-Knee Pain? Let’s Focus on the Outside

On this page: Why does the side of my knee hurt? Ligaments Muscles and tendons Meniscus Nerves Knee arthritis What painkiller is best for knee pain? Do you have pain on the side of your knee? All kinds of things may be going through your mind, but what could actually be causing it? Many things,…read more

Is Playing on a Sprained Ankle Safe?

On this page: What is an ankle sprain? What is joint instability? What happens if you play on a sprained ankle? How can a doctor tell if you have an unstable ankle? How can you treat these lax ankle ligaments? I can’t tell you how many trashed ankles we have seen through the years because the…read more

This Self Test for Loose Knee Ligaments Can Help Prevent Arthritis

On this page: The 4 knee ligaments and how they work The knee tibial rotation test When to be concerned about loose knee ligaments Is there a way to tell if you have loose knee ligaments, and if one of your ligaments is loose, do you really need to do anything about it? Yes and…read more

How Important is it for Athletes to Fix Lax Ankle Ligaments after a Sprain?

Loose ankles? We’re often told that after an ankle sprain, we should just let it heal. Even after they heal, is the laxity caused by these stretched out ligaments causing more problems? What effects do loose ankles have in athletes? A recent study sought to answer this question by looking at 86 volunteers at a military academy…read more
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