John Nwofia, MD

John Nwofia, MD


Nashville, TN - 210 23rd Avenue, Nashville, TN 37203

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John Nwofia, MD

I became a doctor because I wanted to be a part of the noble profession of healing people. I have always believed in the ‘mantra’ of “Do No Harm”. My goal is to treat the patient, not the disease. I have always believed that, while we cannot successfully treat every disease, it is possible to successfully treat every patient. This is, if the goal is to leave the patient physically, or psychologically better, and better informed, after every visit. Whether or not the particular disease was treated at the particular visit. I have learned from my patients as much as I have educated them. I believe a well informed patient does better with treatment. That is why I take the extra time in educating and carrying them along.

I am an interventional physiatrist and rehabilitation specialist. I specialize in the evaluation and treatment of non-surgical spinal and musculoskeletal disorders. I am (ABMS) board certified with the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (AAPM&R) in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and the subspecialty of Pain Medicine.

Since my wife and I settled our young and growing family in Nashville 26 years ago, we have never regretted it. We have raised our kids here and they know, no other home. We reside in Brentwood, Tennessee. I enjoy travelling and Shotokan Karate.



Specialty areas: Cervical Spine (Not Upper Cervical or CCI)*, Elbow, Foot & Ankle, Hand & Wrist, Hip, Knee, Lumbar Spine, Shoulder, Thoracic Spine

*This provider is NOT authorized by Regenexx to treat the C0-C1 or C1-C2 levels of the neck or CCI (craniocervical instability).

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