Kathy Finds Alternative to Steroid Injections for Her Knee Pain

  • Patient’s Name: Kathy
  • Age/Age Group: 60+
  • Body Part: knee
  • Top concern: knee pain
  • Treatment: Regenexx-SCP, a non-surgical blood platelet treatment
  • Doctor: Paras Shah, MD, Regenexx Kansas City

Kathy had constant knee pain — about a 7 on a scale of 10 — that severely limited her daily activities. Steroid shots every two to three years had stopped helping, so she decided to explore alternative therapies.

She found Regenexx and scheduled an appointment with Paras Shah, MD, at Regenexx Kansas City. After spending 90 minutes thoroughly examining her, Dr. Shah determined the best treatment for Kathy was Regenexx-SCP, a nonsurgical, ultrasound-guided blood platelet treatment.

“It’s only been six weeks today, and I have zero pain,” she says. “Zero pain walking, zero pain standing.”

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