Recovery After Living With A Wrist Non-Union Fracture

  • Patient’s Name: Herbie
  • Age/Age Group: 35 to 55
  • Body Part: wrist
  • Condition/Injury: scaphoid fracture nonunion
  • Top concern: wrist pain
  • Treatment: Regenexx-SD, which uses bone marrow concentrate that contains stem cells.
  • Regenexx Clinic: Regenexx Tampa Bay

Herbie, a heavy equipment operator at a refinery working anywhere from eight to 16 hours a day, relies on the proper function of his wrists and hands for a living. Outside of work, he’s an active dad who spends time at the gym and enjoys cycling. But after breaking his wrist in a cycling accident, it never fully healed, and he was left with a debilitating wrist non-union fracture.

Living with a non-union fracture was affecting Herbie’s life, his activities with his children, and his hobbies. He’d lost all strength in the affected wrist, and his orthopedic doctor had told him the only solution was to insert a screw to hold the fracture together.

But after a few conversations with some coworkers who’d had a similar surgery, he wasn’t sure the procedure was right for him. They’d all experienced problems with the surgery, including discomfort and loss of range of motion — things that would continue to disrupt Herbie’s active lifestyle and the ability to perform his job.

Herbie began researching non-surgical non-union fracture treatment and found Regenexx Tampa Bay. Because Herbie’s wrist non-union fracture was nondisplaced, he was a good candidate for the Regenexx-SD procedure. 

“Six to eight weeks and I was back to normal, playing with my kids, enjoying my everyday life, just as I was,” he says. “No discomfort, all my strength was back. I went back to a normal life without any screws…. It gave me my life back.”

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