A Few Slots Left for Our Rotator Cuff and ACL Tear Studies

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As you may know, we’ve been performing lab-based and clinical research for many years. Two of our most recent studies are for patients with ACL and rotator cuff tears. Both of these research projects will soon be completed, so this is your last chance to get somebody advanced bone marrow concentrate care as part of a study.

Study Designs

Both of these studies are randomized controlled trials with a physical therapy crossover. That means that initially, both would have randomly assigned the patient to get either the treatment or physical therapy. The treatment, in this case, is bone marrow concentrate (aka a same-day stem cell therapy). In the case of the ACL, this is injected into both bundles of the ligament via x-ray guidance (fluoroscopy). For rotator cuff tears, the treatment involves injection via ultrasound.

Who is a candidate? Patients with partial to full-thickness non-retracted tears of either the ACL or rotator cuff who still have chronic pain or inability to return to full activity. Due to the fact that only certain tear types qualify, you need to have an MRI of the knee or shoulder.

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Study Costs

The stem cell care in both studies is free of charge. You just have to qualify for the study based on the inclusion and exclusion criteria. Any costs of dealing with complications, even though very unlikely, are borne by the patient. The care is delivered at our Colorado clinic only, but we do accept out of town patients who qualify.

How Do You Determine If You or a Loved One Is a Candidate?

The contact person is our full-time research coordinator at Regenexx-HQ in Colorado, Ehren Dodson, Ph.D. Her email is [email protected]

The upshot? We would like to get both of these studies completed, so if you have a patient or know of someone with either an ACL tear or rotator cuff tear, send them our way to see if they qualify. The study-related care doesn’t cost the patient anything and we’re excited to see our final few patients in both projects!

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21 thoughts on “A Few Slots Left for Our Rotator Cuff and ACL Tear Studies

  1. Tony Wiertel

    Hello Chris; how about a study on knee osteoarthritis? I’d love to be a candidate. I have it bi-laterally. I really do not want a bi-lateral knee replacement. I hope and pray you may consider this option. Thank you very much. I read your blog every day and am glad to see someone is creating an option other than surgery!!

    1. Chris Centeno, MD Post author

      We just completed that study a few years back, but we may revisit.

  2. Mary Kay G

    Will there be any trials for shoulder labrum tears?

    1. Chris Centeno, MD Post author

      Nothing planned, but that could happen.

  3. robert g davis

    The email link for Dr. Dodson does not work? I would like to see if I am a candidate for study.

    1. Chris Centeno, MD Post author

      It’s [email protected], so I would try again.

  4. Steve Reyna

    My daughters ACL knee MRI was evaluated in Dallas by Regenexx Dr there and was not a good candidate with major though not complete tear. If this study is for those clients perhaps I can send you the impression to start.

    1. Chris Centeno, MD Post author

      We need to see the MRI films as the impression usually doesn’t help us determine who is a candidate.


    I would like to be included in your study if I am a candidate. I recently had stem cell injections in my right knee for a meniscus issue which seems to have helped pain in the joint but when crouching, I feel extreme pain on the outside of the knee and then soreness for days afterwards. I also had PRP treatment in my shoulders for severe shoulder pain from torn rotator cuffs. The PRP did relieve me of quite a bit of pain in both shoulders, but not completely. Hopefully stem cells would give me additional relief. I was previously treated by Dr Kramberg 10/ 31/19 in Wayne NJ. I have recent MRI Tesla level 3 results. I need some financial help to continue my future treatments and would be willing to travel to your facility. Please let me know if you could help me. Thanks!

  6. W James Bresnahan, M.D.

    I sustained a tear of my right rotator cuff in 2016 in a bike accident. It has healed to some extent, but I still cannot
    throw anything of significant weight, such as a softball or football. I have been seen in your Broomfield clinic in the
    past for a different issue (knee) and would like to be considered for your study. Thanks.

  7. Gen

    Are you still looking for people for the rotator cuff study?

    1. Regenexx Team

      Hi Gen,
      Yes, as the Blog says, there are a few slots left. If you are interested, please contact Ehren (email in blog) to see if you meet the inclusion/exclusion criteria for the study.

  8. Gopal

    On my right knee, I have full thickness ACL Tear non retracted, tear medial meniscus and partial thickness lateral collateral tear. I have scheduled for same day stem cell treatment at Chicago Arthritis Center on Feb 23-March 4. Also I am from Toronto, Canada. I would like to know more about this program and if I am eligible. Kindly share more details.

    1. Chris Centeno, MD Post author

      This is for isolated ACL tear patients, so regrettably the multiple injuries would take you out of the study.

  9. Stephen Krupa

    Both rotator cuffs are completely torn.

    1. Regenexx Team

      Hi Stephen,
      If you’re interested in seeing if you meet the Criteria for the study, please contact Ehren, her email address is in the Blog.

  10. Steaven Parsons

    Let me know when you are doing a hip research with bone marrow stem cell , I’m in need and in excellent health !

  11. William Biden

    Hi Chris, Your articles are very interesting and lnformative. I Had a recent MRI. On both knees. I have a follow up visit with Dr Southern today. I would also be interested in your studies too. Will send a email to [email protected] Regennexx.com. Thanks Chris and have a nice day.

    1. Regenexx Team

      Thanks William,
      Great that your getting in to see Dr. Southern. You mentioned the studies. Do you have an ACL or Rotator Cuff tear?

  12. Stanley Czerniecki

    Have left shoulder rotator cuff tear had MRI was told need surgery had surgery on right shoulder was very painful do not want go that pain on left shoulder.

    1. Regenexx Team

      Hi Stanley,
      Please contact Ehren, whose email address is in the Blog, to see if you would be a Candidate for the Rotator Cuff Tear study.

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