Let Me Have Your Ask Dr. C Questions!

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It’s that time again for “Ask Dr. C”. If you have questions you want me to answer in a long format, leave those in the comments section on this post! I’ll then write a series of “Ask Dr. C” episodes to answer your selected questions.

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20 thoughts on “Let Me Have Your Ask Dr. C Questions!

  1. Tyler

    Thoughts, concerns, and/or treatment for chronic pain patients such as Fibromyalgia, whom have had previous treatments (non-Regenexx or other stem cell treatment), and have suffered for 10+ years?

    1. Chris Centeno, MD Post author

      No, we treat many patients like that…

  2. Nate

    What are objective results for improvements from using orthobiologics to improve stability besides what the patient reports for pain? Would the physican that did the injection be able to have a subjective or objective opinion for improved stability later on?

  3. Michael

    Interested in seeing mri evidence that stem cells injected into knee heals meniscus tears and how long it takes.

  4. Mary Sue Rowan

    It’s time for my annual flu shot. In ten days, I am scheduled to get some prolotherapy in my shoulder. Are there any issues regarding the timing of the immunization with respect to the prolotherapy? More broadly, would any immunizations (eg flu, pneumonia, shingles) have to be timed a certain way with respect to any PRP, stem cell, or prolotherapy injections?

    1. Chris Centeno, MD Post author

      No issues.

  5. Graciela Leimone

    I just had an MRI that showed tears in the tendons Of the right hip and a complete rupture of the semitendinosus/ biceps Femoris component of the proximal right hamstring tendons with fraying of the tendon stump and distal retractionof the torn fibers by roughly 1.5 cm. Plus more tears. Can stem cell help? I am 73 years old with osteopenia

    1. Chris Centeno, MD Post author

      I would need to look at the MRI to determine that…

  6. denise

    What makes Regenexx any better or different than any other stem cell treatment centers?

    1. Chris Centeno, MD Post author

      See the blog from 9/13

  7. Melissa

    Had stem harvest and injection on Friday…tons of pain during procedure…pain has been horrible ever since and can’t get the arm to hardly move. Heating area as per dr order. Shoulder is swollen
    Is this normal? Can I ice,,?
    Melissa Brand

    1. Chris Centeno, MD Post author

      Melissa, you can ice, but you need to contact your doctor.

  8. Gabrielle Harwood

    I had your stem cell treatment at the very beginning of your journey, in both my thumbs, and it worked so well, I am still using them after 15 years of intense use. My question is concerning my teeth and gums and jaw bones. I have always had trouble with all of the above. Have you ever done stem cell treatments for gums and bones in the mouth?

    1. Chris Centeno, MD Post author

      Thanks Gabrielle! I’ll likely blog on your thumbs as that’s a good one to hear! On the jaw, we have treated serious bone diseases there like osteonecrosis or TMJ, but nothing beyond those two issues.

  9. Tyler Wells

    Tyler • 3 days ago
    Thoughts, concerns, and/or treatment for chronic pain patients such as Fibromyalgia, whom have had previous treatments (non-Regenexx or other stem cell treatment), and have suffered for 10+ years?

    Reply ↓

    Chris Centeno, MD Post author • 1 day ago
    No, we treat many patients like that…

    Thanks Chris. I am confused from your response after visiting a Regenexx office. Could you reach out to me to talk further?

    1. Chris Centeno, MD Post author

      I would reach out to our office and set up a telemed visit: http://www.centenoschultz.com

  10. colden dodds

    About 10 months ago during my football game a teammate fell on my right heel and it caused my ankle to stretch out so to speak. The ligaments on both sides of my ankle were injured, my Achilles has never been the same, and I had a high ankle sprain. During my basketball season I tried to play through, but I compensated my using the left side of my body. Now my pelvis has rotated to the right so I am always sitting on my left cheek more. This compensation has caused my lower back, left cheek, and left quad muscles to be more developed then my right side. Also, my left SI joint feel kind of locked up all of the time, so I always have to do kind of a hip thrust to crack it to give it temporary relief but I have to do it every 15 minutes. Finally, my right ankle is still kind of swollen and does that appear the same as my left. I have done quite a bit of physical therapy and have gone to the chiropractor, but results have been minimal. My lower back hurts all the time and it’s uncomfortable to sit. Is it worth getting an MRI at this point? What steps should I take to help get back to 100%?
    Thank You!

    1. Chris Centeno, MD Post author

      Sounds like the ankle may have chronically stretched ligaments and possibly the knee. The next step is usually to tighten those ligaments via precise ultrasound guidance. That loss of tensegrity can cause issues into the SI joint which may also now need to be treated as well. Has the ankle been imaged?

  11. Sue Shellenberger

    I am interested in knowing success rates for over 70 folks. I have a number is issues that could be helped but it appears most of your patients are much younger than almost 74. I enjoy excellent health other than having worn out some important joints. Specifically, torn acl on rt knee 12 years ago but never repaired, rt shoulder, problems in neck and L 2 & 3, and L4 & 5, left thumb older injuries that plague me with arthritis. I have been following your blog for years with enthusiasm and have steered many folks to your blog. Wishing for insurance coverage!!!

    1. Chris Centeno, MD Post author

      Sue, for the problems you’re discussing age over 70 is usually not an issue.

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