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New Version of Orthopedics 2.0!

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We’re proud to announce a new version of my book, Orthopedics 2.0. This is now a best seller on Amazon, in fact, #2 in orthopedics. Hence, I’d like to introduce the 4th edition.

What is Orthopedics 2.0?

I first wrote this book about 5-6 years ago to pull together many of the concepts that were in the blog. The goal at that point was to educate patients about Interventional Orthopedics. What’s that? Watch my video below:

Interventional Orthopedics (IO) is very different than what you see out there right now with clinics offering to inject dead birth tissues and claiming live stem cells. IO is a very precise injection of things that can heal tissue and includes a different way of looking at orthopedic problems. It’s a complete reboot of orthopedics. Let me explain.

Orthopedics 2.0 in Action

Yesterday I saw a patient who is a local chiropractor. He had a mountain bike fall on an outstretched hand several months ago and has been having thumb pain. His imaging didn’t show all that much outside of thumb arthritis, so the orthopedics 1.0 approach would have been to offer him what I call a “dog thumb surgery”. This is an adaption of a veterinary hip surgery where the trapezium bone in the wrist is removed and a tendon stuffed into that spot with or without some attempt at ligament repair.

The Orthopedics 2.0 approach was first to perform a stress ultrasound exam to see that his CMC joint was unstable and specifically where to direct high dose platelet-rich plasma injections. Next, the Orthopedics 2.0 exam detected that his thumb side wrist was unstable as well, likely from the fall damaging ligaments. So the actual treatment will be of his thumb CMC joint and ligaments plus all of the internal and external radial side wrist ligaments. Just injecting his palm side wrist ligaments using ultrasound is a new technique developed by our clinic as the nerves and arteries must be avoided and the ligaments live at the bottom of the flexor tendons. Now that’s Orthopedics 2.0!

What’s New?

Since the first edition, the book has been through several revisions to make sure it covers all of the new craziness in the stem cell wild west. Specifically, I added a whole section on the umbilical cord insanity sweeping the nation. Basically, how our research and that of others has shown these products to be dead tissue with no living stem cells.

I’ve spoken to hundreds of patients over the last few years who have read the book as well as it’s sister books on Spine and Knee problems. In fact, a Shoulder edition has been written and is being edited to be released soon. Look for that on the Regenexx blog.

Why Write a Daily Blog and Many Books?

I love educating patients. One of the things that drives me crazy about many of my medical colleagues (and really all professionals) is that they tend to break into technical speak when they talk to people who don’t understand the topic. This helps no one, as then you get confused patients who have no idea what’s wrong with them or why the doctor is using certain treatments and not others. Hence, writing is a way that I can educate patients, whether or not they ever actually see me as their doctor.

For those that don’t know, my blogs are now split between the Regenex blog and the Centeno-Schultz blog. Between the two sites, I write almost every day.

The New Book Download

The new book download is at the link here or can be accessed by clicking the cover below:

The upshot? I hope you enjoy the new book! I love educating patients about this stuff. With so much crazy misinformation out there in the stem cell wild west, we really need good information that patients can understand.

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