An Ohio Stem Cell Knee Arthritis Treatment for a Michigan Doctor

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Ohio stem cell knee arthritis treatment

Can we take a procedure that was invented in Colorado and have it work on a patient who is a Michigan physician, performed by a doctor in Ohio? One of the hallmarks of a good medical procedure is that it can be taught to others and that it works as well in their hands as it did in the inventor’s. However, accomplishing that in medicine isn’t always easy, as medical history is rife with procedures that worked well in early studies and then were abandoned because they didn’t easily translate.

Our focus on having our procedure technology work well in the hands of others is why we spend so much time and energy making sure that only physicians with a specific skill set can join our exclusive network. This why is our acceptance rate for that stem cell treatment network is lower than getting into Harvard. This is also why we have the world’s most comprehensive educational program for physicians wanting to use stem cells for knee, shoulder, or hip arthritis, bar none. In order to be certified in these areas our physicians must undergo both didactic and hands on training in musculoskeletal ultrasound, fluoroscopy, stem cell harvest techniques, and body part specific techniques (i.e. for knee arthritis). Each of these body areas has a CORE skills checklist of various procedures they must master. When you do all of that, you get great practitioners like Roger Kruse, M.D. in Ohio who know their stuff.

Roger was already an ACE in musculoskeletal ultrasound before he joined up with the RegenexxNetwork. He was team physician for 3 Olympic games and head team physician for the US Olympic Team, Nagano, Japan. He is head physician for the University of Toledo and a assistant clinical professor at their medical school. He also runs a sports medicine fellowship program and is team physician for U.S. Figure Skating. Suffice it to say that Roger is no ordinary doctor.

Dr. Kruse recently sent me a letter from a physician patient he treated that illustrates the above point. In addition, the other mark of a procedure that works is when physicians begin referring themselves for the treatment. We’ve treated many health care providers through the years including many physicians. Suffice it to say that they “have been to the puppet show and seen the strings”, meaning when it comes to their own healthcare they tend to choose less invasive options. They also do their homework and look for things like research data that supports the procedure. They dig deep before trying something, as they have the knowledge to sort out the real deal from quackery.

Here’s the very wonderful letter from one of Roger’s physician patients:

“November 18, 2014

 Thanks Dr. Kruse. But first I have to thank Paul Shapiro MD, my prolo Doc in Ann Arbor Michigan who told me about Regenexx.  Without his advice I might have been seduced by some of the stem cell quackery found all around Southeast Michigan.  

I was discouraged, though, because of my past surgical history.  In 1974 I had a left medial menisectomy for a traumatic ”bucket-handle” tear. I was sure by 2014 with all my competitive triathloning, hiking and walking I would have severe arthritis that would make me a non candidate.  Nevertheless,  I sent my MRI CD and paperwork  to the Regenexx facility in Toledo, Ohio. Lucky for me, Dr. Kruse believed I was a candidate.  Glad he did as in 2001, I had a “debridement” of right medial and lateral meniscus tears from doing extreme yoga. and over the past 5 years I was having difficulty even walking my usual 4-5 miles a day. I went to Toledo in July 2014 thinking I would have the procedure only on my left knee but Dr. Kruse expertly and painlessly injected both my knees.  While I am a little uncertain about the results of my left knee, but it seems to be true I have about 60% improvement  in my right knee.

Finally, many thanks to Christopher J. Centeno MD who developed and perfected the Regenxx procedure from its roots in equine Veterinary Medicine making this procedure what it is today-a treatment to stop pain and disability for many without extensive traditional orthopedic surgery.

Diana Little, MD,, MS

Ann Arbor, Michigan”

It’s great to see Roger’s patient, as a physician, understands the difference between a physician who is trying to reinvent himself with a weekend stem cell course and has no idea what he’s doing and a high quality physician like Dr. Roger Kruse who is part of an exclusive network of highly trained physicians who use the nation’s most advanced technology and techniques. We are grateful to have physicians like Roger in our physician network!

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